Google Has a Flawed Subscription Platform, Too!


The only good thing is that buying the extremist-right-wing-supporting iPad sub to The Daily will mean that Apple gets 30 percent of the take.

Torrent is looking keener and keener ...
@1, I'm sorry, Will -- are you suggesting that you will be getting "The Daily" on torrent? Or any news? I don't think torrents do what you think they do.

You know, when you subscribe to a paper magazine, they flog your name and address and income level and email address and make and model of car you own and how much you paid for your house and when and everything else they can think of. You don't think they know those things about you? They do; they aggregate your data, or buy if from someone else who does.
Sadly, Fnarf fails to realize that all your information just wants to be free.

if it's an image, it's recordable. if it's data, it's even easier.

You'd don't actually pay for the stuff you read on your Kindle, do you?

After all, if Amazon doesn't pay state, county, and local taxes, why should you pay fees to the publisher/writer/etc?
Also, if you care about the data on you, you can always use anonymizer and disposable accounts.

We used to do that all the times with NYT and WSJ accounts.
Will in Seattle vs. Fnarf is so much better than Dan vs. Lindy. Dan vs. Lindy makes me sad; Will vs. Fnarf makes me laugh.
I prefer Dan vs Lindy - they're both way sexier and better looking than either of us.
Wait, you mean someone I have a business relationship with -- they sell a product and I use my credit card to pay for it -- will know my name and address? I'm shocked!
@4, I just love that "we" there.

Will thinks he's a hacker because he knows someone who used to log into the NYT with an anonymous account.

Was it tinlc by any chance? I still log into the NYT with that one. If anyone was ever qualified to belong to the Lumber Cartel, it's you, Will. It's your internet; we're just passing through.

Will wouldn't know a torrent from a stream of piss. Will IS a stream of piss.
@8 Thanks for bringing the warm and fuzzy back to Slog :)
While 30% seems like a reasonable amount for a publisher to pay for distribution/collection (I'm sure physical, paper distribution is far spendier), it's a pretty big fee for those whose business models are already 100% online.

Music subscription services, like Rdio, Rhapsody, Spotify (one day), are dealing with razor-thin profits as it is due to the licensing fees they pay to the rights holders. There's no way they can support a 30% fee.

If you have an iPhone, expect to see these services disappear from it. I'm sure Apple will be happy to see these iTunes-store competitors go anyway.