Dog Show Winners


I'll wait for Triumph's (Insult Comic) review of this event.
Not to diminish the glory that is a Scottish Deerhound, but the Best of Group judges made some rather interesting (read:bizarre) choices last night to send on to the Best of Show.

And what was up with all the new breeds?
Aw, goggies!
I loved the deerhound! Shameless plug: if you enjoy large, lazy, sweet dogs like the deerhound but have issues with going through a breeder, consider a retired greyhound. The expression on the deerhound's face is the same expression my greyhound wears 95% of the time she's awake. Sighthounds RULE!
@4 Second the rescue greyhound suggestion. When I lived in Chicago, my dog loved this awesome pair of rescued greyhounds that often visited the dog beach at the same time we did. He is fond of chasing other dogs, and I still remember the "what the fuck" expression on his face the first time the two greyhounds got going up to 40 mph or whatever...
Can anybody explain to me the tradition of hallucinatory-free-association registration names for these critters? I couldn't come up with one of those convoluted constructions if you paid me!
I missed it! Hmmph. And I was excited to see the Xoloitzcuintl, which wasn't able to compete but was displayed, as the AKC has recognized the breed again after fifty years, during which it came close to extinction.

That's the hairless, barkless, Mexican dog favored by everyone from the Aztecs to Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. We just saw some on the grounds of the Museo Dolores Olmedo in Mexico City, where they live amidst several statues of themselves, which is really weird, since they like to hold statuesque poses themselves for long periods.

Amazing animals. They're also the mascot of the Tijuana football club, Club Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles de Caliente, who are hoping for promotion to the Primera Division.
Yes! That was a great photo spread. The Aussie was my favorite, natch. What a nice win for that beautiful Scottish deerhound. Now she can go back to chasing squirrels on her estate.
@6: Well I know it's Kennel Name + Given Name, which explains why they tend to be quite long. And they want to (have to?) make the name as unique as possible, which explains some of the trippiness. But much like royalty, whatever its preposterous official name, each dog has a "call name" (Jumbo? Lizzie? Chuck?), which is what its nearest and dearest actually, um, call it.
Thanks, @9. That makes sense, and explains the possessive form of the first part of many names.

I've always been a mixed-breed/shelter-adopted pets person, so dog and cat shows (and the conventions/standards that go along with them) have therefore always seemed both mysterious and ridiculous to me.
Rob. Please continue your love affair with mixed-breed/shelter-adopted dogs (there are pure breeds at the shelter, too). They make excellent pets and companion animals - and the AKC would salute you as well.

Most pure breed dogs were developed for a specific service - herding, retrieving, hunting, guarding, pest control, etc. as well as for companionship. Some were developed specifically, such as the toy breeds, as companion animals for city dwellers who usually live in smaller spaces. AKC breeders attempt to breed out the pesky bad genetic traits that come with a great deal of good ones. They also fight tirelessly against puppy mills. And believe it or not, they make sure that the person/puppy is a good fit. For instance, you won't find an AKC breeder of border collies selling a puppy to someone who lives in a studio apartment in mid-town and is gone most of the day - not if they want to continue to be recognized by the American Kennel Club.

If you want a companion animal and you also have some livestock to herd, you'd probably have way better luck getting an AKC border collie than taking your chances at the shelter. And of course, there are those who insist on getting, say, a Dalmatian, too, if they can't find a homeless one. In my opinion, dog shows celebrate the good breeding of a dog with a specific purpose.

Whether it's a dog show or shelter, there's no shortage of cute and lovable. There's just some immediate need at the shelter, and that's a great place to start one's search.
please dont promote dogshows, the fact that they only judge on beauty (i.e. breedspecifics) and not health is causing massive animal suffering through the ever faster development of the breed specifics. for example in just 50 years or so british bulldogs went from snorting but healthy dogs to not being able to breath with out operations, not being able to breed nor give life birth (all british bulldogs are artificially inseminated and born through an cesaricsection).
tond of other breeds saw their life expactancy drop from up to 16 years to as low as 8 or 9 years.
there are breeds that have an 100% rate of certain cancers, breeds of dogs that are in permanent pain because their brains dont fit their skulls anymore, breeds where 1 in every 2 pups born are culled because off open spines.
the BBC pulled their broadcast of dogshows (and their crufts was an big one) because of this:…
please, i hope SLOG would do the same.

dogshows are hurting animals and killing breeds, only give them attention again if they start taking genetic health into consideration