Downtown Development the Federal Way


HA! I see what you did there!
Federal Way IS a regional center. It may not be very dense, but there are a million people, maybe two, in the catchment area there. I've been telling you for some time now -- we live in LA. This is how it happens. Federal Way is already in many ways well advanced of where Bellevue was 20 years ago. Plop a few skyscrapers there, and next thing you know, it's solid city from here to Olympia. Get used to it. The population down Federal Way way is growing by leaps and bounds, much faster than Seattle. They'll be 100,000 in the city limits soon, and Kent and Auburn and Tacoma and Puyallup are just next door.

Federal Way is also more diverse racially and economically than Seattle.
In Canada they give you citizenship if you invest 1 million and stay for a few years.

Mind you, Canada has lower unemployment, a growing GDP, and doesn't let the rich get gifts from the poor.

(or was that tax cuts for rich - same thing)
The site is pretty desolate, but it is right across 320th from the mall and a couple blocks from pacific highway. The is also a wallmart and other shopping just north of it. Not a bad location. Lots of traffic nearby with easy access.
garumph @4,

I'd argue that being near the Wal-Mart is pretty much the definition of not being downtown.
All those empty newly remodled buidings in SODO are owned by a company that does the same thing. They are called American Life because thays what they sell. The driver isn't real estate demand but the number of wealthy foreigners who want to buy a green card. The byproduct is that they have moved a large part of the industrial part of sodo out and replaced it with emty stores that I suppose will fill up and create jobs one day.
There is a Del-Taco there. YUM!
"...there are a million people, maybe two, in the catchment area there."

Does that catchment area, whatever that is, happen to include Seattle and Tacoma?
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