Q: How Many Anarchists Does It Take To Change A Light Bulb?


A crowd of people that have completely missed the point. I can't go to protests because I'm afraid I will strangle an anarchist.

@1 yeah, how dare we ask for a focused message from the left.
Oh look, a photo collage of reasons why I did not attend.
I was at a protest just last week (in Europe) and the same thing happened that happens at EVERY FUCKING PROTEST. The damn truthers came. Except that where I'm at, they don't just want 9/11 truth, they want 3/11 (Madrid) and 7/7 (London) "truth" as well. I was really close to one and there was a news photographer happily taking pictures of him. I had to move from my spot because I sure as HELL don't want to have to explain at work why I was at the protest "with" that prick.
wow thanks for deleting my comment so i'll just repost it:

did a lawyer warn you guys about inciting riots or something? you have turned into a bunch of pussies since the prosecution announcement.

and you just deleted my comment that said "fuck the police" in it

so: fuck the police

and fuck your moderators
I'm sure a lot of people will read the fliers all over the ground, especially once it rains a few times.
Anarchists are Portland's major export - expect to see more once NJ and FL high speed rail money floods into WA and we have high speed rail access from Vancouver BC to Eugene OR.

That said, I know a few of the ones that were on the TV news last night. Some are more extreme than others.
And then anarchists wonder why even people on the left hate them.
I think Cops and Robbers is a really really old and sacred tradition. It's in both job desciptions to get Shot. Full stop.

Just do it away from us commuters. Thx.

Yes. We're all individuals!

I was in a clutch of old activists and native americans until we got to the top of the hill and suddenly walked right into the anarchists! I did take photos of the cops, though. My friend had a crush on the lady cop in riot gear I think.

The cute socialist cub tried to talk down the guy screaming about being arrested for pot, how smoking pot isn't a crime, about pot this, pot that, a slight nod to Williams, then more blah blah blah. Then he pushed a cop. But didn't get arrested!
> Not the "artists", nooooo!

Man, Courtney Love is looking old... maybe a little less crazed, though.
Wow is everyone in Seattle a fat ugly dirty libtard with terrible taste is fashion?

LOL at naive sheltered fat dirty shlubby white libtards at the stranger! THIS IS YOUR BUNCH! Even worse and more ebbareassing for you than TEABAGGERS are to Republicsns!

Typical white leftist Seattle libtard circular firing squad!

Funny. I swear the last time I saw Uncle Sam he didn't look so…punchable. Has something changed?
@16 spell check much?

Yeah, this is the same problem I had w/ the WTO riots in seattle. People marched across the UW campus and it looked more like a day at burning man than a protest. I'm surprised there isnt at least one "Free mumia" sign mixed in with the crazy brain photos.
The really grating thing is that real anarchists, people who really spread anarchism in the United States and around the world, like Emma Goldman, generally became pacifist anarchists. Know your anarchist history, you idiots who just want to make noise. Read the works of Alexander Berkman and then decide you want to kill anyone. Justice needs to be served, but what the hell?
I lived in LA on April 29, 1992. These "anarchists" are pussies.
@12 is the background texture from Castle Wolfenstien just to underscore the Nazi point?
What? No puppet theater? What a sham.
@18 no spel chek on my phone, BITCH
Well, they may be stupid. But the first sign actually does make sense if you think about things a tad more abstractly. It's simply drawing a comparison between oppression in other countries with police brutality at home. Not very complicated.
Real anarchists blow up buildings...with people in them

Just sayin'
To me, I have to wonder at how you can claim to be an anarchist and then wear the exact same outfit as everyone else.

Seriously, do they think nobody notices?
The real protest rally was at City Hall, led by the family of Mr. Williams. I too showed up at Westlake and almost puked. Way to Hijack a day to demand justice for this man with a whole bunch of B.S. http://www.flickr.com/photos/soggydan/se…

It seems like the A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition is behind this hijacking, I'm just surprised there were no signs blaming Israel ;)
Not all protest marchers are fucking lunatics, but fucking lunatics are magnetically attracted to all protest marches. If I were the SPOG, I'd be sure to let the loonies know about every protest march to scare away people who might actually accomplish something.
These are great, Kelly. Thank you.
This is a highly selective and unrepresentative portrayal of what went on.

Yes, there were the usual crackpots and off-topic protesters, but they were a very slim minority--I would say less than 10%.

Of course, this biased reportage makes it look like 95% wackos, which will surely serve the interests of authority by scaring reasonable people away from future actions.

Way to go, Kelly-O! You're handy with a camera but maybe just stick to photographing puking drunks rather than setting back the cause of justice, OK?

This photo essay is nothing more than crass sensationalism to fit a contrived thesis: SOME protesters are kooky and unfocused, so let's discredit ALL of them!

At best, perhaps your mockery is a well-intentioned attempt to shame bad actors into better conduct, but if the comments here are any indication, the plan is backfiring. All you're doing is discrediting direct action and giving people an easy excuse to not get involved. By focusing exclusively on the tactics of the aberrant few, the demands of the protest are forgotten--the selfsame sin for which you criticize the off-message protesters.

But I don't think your intentions are that good. More likely, it's just a tabloid approach to journalism because the reality of the situation wouldn't play as well--who wants to look at pictures of hundreds of regular citizens marching with dignity and demanding institutional change to a corrupt and oppressive system where police may act with impunity?

Compare this with Dominic Holden's equally distorted post on the same subject and you'll see there is a party line at the Stranger: "The social justice movement is doing it all wrong!" Nods of assent all around the table and another round of drinks is ordered.

Another rally has been called for Friday, February 18, 6:00pm - 9:00pm at Westlake Plaza. Come out and see for yourself.
Ugh. The worst. Sadly, these kids make events become so self-defeating and confusing. A great many of the anarchists/gutter punks in my area (Kansas City MO) have left for Seattle's fine shores (my apologies). I never got the impression that whenever they "organized" or attended a protest that they were ever remotely interested in engaging other people in the cause. Seemed to me because they just didn't want old, boring straighty straight squares to join their party. They have too much fun being 'the other'. The protests are among the best parts. And blech on wearing the face bandanas to this kind of event. You're not getting tear-gassed or tailed by the FBI, dummies.

I have no hesitation in my belief though that if they ever encountered anything remotely dangerous that they'd be among the first to call the cpolice for help. They are after all, overwhelmingly the children of the white middle class.

"Fuck the police" doesn't really mean anything. What are you proposing? "Justice for John M" means everything.
I think we need a Venn Diagram here; because isn't it the trolls most common refrain that all the slog libtards are just skinnypants wearing, coke addled-metrosexual nancyboy hipsters?

'cause I sorta doubt many of these dolts are really the core Stranger demographic.... or even actual anarchists fwiw.

No offense to the great Kelly O, but why did u go to this one and not the vigil at city hall? These were the same idiots that got runned out by more serious activist. I mean if you give the clowns the light and time than dont complaint. The media is down with the clowns.
@19 - Agreed. Anarchists *have* made amazing changes, it's just that those who succeed seem not to be so visible as the black-clad kids who rage against things. Anarchism is FAR more than "Fuck Shit Up", and hate on the cops.

Anarchists were organized in fighting forces against Franco's fascist Spain; and they still live on there today in self-organized factories and co-ops. Cf. Mondragon.

Emma Goldman was an ardent promoter of women's liberation, and was *jailed* for passing out sex-ed and gynecology information. And there are many more.

Anarchism is about Mutual Aid and Voluntary Co-operation. Not breaking stuff and being pissed off at the system.

Anger is an energy, true, learn to channel it for greatest effect. Oh, and stay on message. That helps a lot.
Also, dont forget your 8 hour day,days off and other labor gains were won with blood by true anarchists. Those idiots aren't anarchist they're fucking clowns.
For the record, this is NOT a post that aims to depict the event in it's entirety, and/or everyone who attended. Not by a long shot.

And like #30 says:

Another rally has been called for Friday, February 18, 6:00pm - 9:00pm at Westlake Plaza. Come out and see for yourself.
I heart this post.
@27, I went and reported on the protest at City Hall, which was how a protest should be--focused. People were angry, but they were also driven by a purpose more nuanced than, simply, "fuck the police."

Sadly, the anarchists come to every rally. And every goddamn time--no matter the reason for the protest--they're shouting "fuck the police" and trying to incite violence, which doesn't do any cause any good. That's why I skipped the second rally. Kelly, I'm so glad you went and took pics, though. These are great!
BOOO. These people are on your left, supporting all the things you do and more. Your poo-pooing is the same kind of poo-pooing against hippies, etc. It is just snobbery, so get over yourself, twat.
#30. I don't think Kelly O's depiction was in any way a misrepresentation. I went to that rally with the best of intentions, I wanted to show solidarity with the many people who are tired of these abuses of power... but that is not what happened. The idea that it was only 10% of the crowd that was spewing violent rhetoric is ridiculous, there was a large number of attendees calling for the systematic execution of police officer, not only ones who have committed acts of violence, but also the officers that were escorting the protest and making sure we were safe while exercising our right. You don't think it's counter-productive to threaten to murder the decent cops in the midst of the protest who were simply doing their job? You don't think that builds animosity among the officers, making it easier to justify horrendous actions? If I were a police officer at that rally my thoughts would have been "fuck these people, if they don't feel the need to treat me like a human being, I am not required to treat them as humans". For one, as many issues as I have with the way our justice system operates, I felt amazingly proud to live in a country where the police are required to protect a crowd that is protesting one of their own and I feel like that was a subtle fact that was lost on many of the protesters. I guess I don't have any actual solutions as to how we protest in a meaningful, respectful and productive way...I can't control what other people do...but I was rather disappointed by what I saw and also felt a great deal of sympathy for all of the officers who were insulted, belittled and whose lives were threatened...I don't think that was supposed to be the goal.
The irony in all this is that if Seattle had more police, as in the proper amount for a city of this size instead of being the lowest in the nation, the John Williams shooting probably never would have happened.
Think about the scene, lone cop confronts guy with knife vs. two cops who can have instant backup confront guy with knife. I doubt that any shots would need to be fired in the latter scenario.
I kinda get anarcho-sindicalists, but straight-up anarchists? Don't they realize we'd have the feudal system in about 10 minutes without a strong state to protect the vulnerable?
If being snobby against fat ugly shlubby fat white naive sheltered Seattle libtards is wrong, I don't wanna be right!
@38 But why does the Stranger staff feel compelled to cover this and then ascribe the label "anarchists" or socialists to misguided and belligerent thugs? This is a pattern amongst writers of the Stranger (and the commentariat here) and it just reeks of, well, liberal elitism and privilege.

The Stranger lacks in depth in this area. I am glad somebody mentioned Emma Goldman. That's an anarchist. Or even talk about social ecology. How about Murray Bookchin who came from the anarchist movement. I don't think he's like these kids either.

Also, liberals in general lack political cunning and focus as well. Damn right they were off message, but you were off message too with your lack of equanimity. You want to claim greatness with a vague, ineffectual "Rally to Restore Sanity" yet it's really just some cutesy way to say nothing.
@ 44 She labeled them "anarchists" because that's what they call themselves. I use quotes when I label them because I'm mocking them. I'm sure the true Anarchists would agree with me.
I was at the Westlake rally as well. I was there to show my support for the Williams family and add myself to the head count of people that disagree with the decision not to prosecute. This article was not about me. I get where she's coming from. I, nearly, left after two minutes because it was downright laughable.
When the woman holding the bullhorn wasn't pointing it toward the sky so no one could hear what was being said, this is what I got from their "message"
First guy I heard was quoting Stephen Colbert. Something about hating Muslims. Made no sense whatsoever.
Next woman I hear started the chant Fuck the Police, then Egypy! Egypt! Egypt! Really? You people really compare our situation to a 30 year oppressive regime? I know you want to pretend you are a big deal, but this is a local issue and Egypt has nothing to do with the memory of Mr Williams.
Oh yeah, then the woman got up and proceeded to advertise her psychic reading business. I hope I laughed loud enough that you heard me.
Then, and the timing was perfect, I spotted two "anarchists" weaving through the crowd and looking at everyone as menacingly as possible. When the second "anarchist" passed by me I was delighted to see his Ross shopping bag with the brand new sneakers in it.
I nearly died trying not to laugh as he would not have understood the irony and probably would have yelled "Undercover Pig!" and headbutted me.
I'm glad the event at City Hall was not a laughable piece of garbage as well.
I'm deeply suspicious of the ideological and intellectual bearings of any self-described "Anarchist" proper/singular (meaning not anarcho-communists, anarcho-capitalists etc), especially those who have such simplistic notions of the term that they're easily countered with a WKUK video that shows the instances where it is used more as a cover for self-absorbed nihilism and/or an overly simplistic variation of anarcho-primativism:


@44 Direc

"The Stranger lacks in depth in this area. I am glad somebody mentioned Emma Goldman. That's an anarchist. Or even talk about social ecology. How about Murray Bookchin who came from the anarchist movement. I don't think he's like these kids either."

The Stranger apparently lacks depth in a lot of areas, but that's why they're reporters and not professors. I doubt the brand of politics demonstrated by the people reflected in Kelly O's piece really is related to Emma Goldman or Chomsky or the other intellectual giants of anarchism. What I saw last night and walking around, listening to conversations, and reading the leaflets seemed more like your garden variety (mall-)punk rox types, and the types who are generally hostile to the sort of intellectual execution of anarchism of the thinkers you're referring to-in part because they're generally hostile to intellectualism.

To play devils advocate, if you know who Emma Goldman, Mother Jones, or Bakunin is you may well be an elite of sorts by way of education compared to the majority of Americans who don't know who those people are.

Accusations of elitism/privilege is a fashionable slur, but not always justified, or carrying much of a point. Especially when we're talking about determinations of coherent political ideology.
@45 OK. I get it, somewhat sympathetic to it--although as people have said, all protests have their idiots. Usually that consists of getting more people out there to drown out the voice of the idiots. I love 'em, but The Stranger staff is not helping by inciting fear and ridicule.

And this still doesn't speak to why it's worthy of a post and disparagement of actual anarchism and the Stranger's reaction is just that--reactive.
ack, mangled the name should say @44 dirac my bad.
@46 No, in fact, I mentioned someone (Bookchin) who has ridiculed people like the "Fuck the Police" crowd amongst others in the whole anarchist movement. Sometimes it is appropriate to shun and sometimes it is appropriate embrace and correct. I can't comment on those conditions there because I was working but when there appears to be a pattern in reportage over several events, I think it's incumbent on thoughtful reporters to not use the labels that would be misconstrued. That is a fashionable trick of the right.

Furthermore, I don't really think it's a slur to point out that there are those on the left who tend to not want to deal with or encounter rabble and get rankled when rubber cones are tossed over.
@41- "I doubt that any shots would need to be fired in the latter scenario."

The police themselves agree that no shots needed to be fired in the Birk/Williams encounter.
#40 Having walked the length of the protest from back to front and back again I maintain that the vast majority of protesters were neither violent nor hateful. A chant of "fuck the police" is an expression of disgust with a system where even good cops cover for bad cops and thus they are rightly seen to be complicit in the abuse of power. I've seen the cops use excessive force en masse at various actions enough times over the years to say that chant is justified. They need to be reined in and held accountable for their actions. Kill them? No. Re-train and restrain them? Hell yes.

I agree it was pointless to berate the cops who were present, but I think you're naive in your characterization of the police as being there to protect the protesters. They were there to manage and control the protest and protect private property along the route. If the topic of the protest hadn't been SPD's use of excessive force and lack of accountability you can bet their approach would have been more hands-on than it was.

You are proud of living in a police state where the cops are your friend only so long as you don't question the powers that be. For only the most recent galling example of how deluded you are, check out what happens if you dare turn your back on the Secretary of State while she extols the virtues of free speech:

Police brutality is a national problem.

The cops showed restraint last night only because they didn't want to add to the case against them. For now.

For a more representative batch of photos, go here:

Funny how "the establishment" PI is more even-handed in its coverage than the purportedly progressive Stranger.
@7: You mad.
@23: Clearly no spell-check capabilities in your brain either. You mad?
@31: This?
@16: You mad again.
@43: You still mad.

I think a positive approach (not that marches aren't positive) would be to name the street after John T. Williams.

You know, I remember when I moved to Seattle in 1987. It was a much emptier place. A John T. Williams was the type of person who might walk by Broadway Expresso in the little wooden mall. And he would just be that guy...he might stop and talk to people, or sell a carving. There would be hundreds of John T. Williams who could live in a $200 a month apartment there.

Now Seattle is the meanest place on Earth. Too many haughty people pushing each other around.

Let's call that street, John T. Williams Street...and get on with it.
Look at this video from the 4th big Oscar Grant police standoff event last summer. If you use a long angle lens aimed down a downtown street, you can make the image of a group of several hundred protesters plus police vehicles look like a postapocalyptic movie. We could do this here, if we build up to it? http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/video?id=7545…
Look at this video from the 4th big Oscar Grant police standoff event last summer. If you use a long angle lens aimed down a downtown street, you can make the image of a group of several hundred protesters plus police vehicles look like a postapocalyptic movie. We could do this here, if we build up to it? http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/video?id=7545…
@49 dirac

"I think it's incumbent on thoughtful reporters to not use the labels that would be misconstrued. That is a fashionable trick of the right."

Agreed. However, to be fair at least one of the leaflets distributed were signed with circled A's. The language associational problem with anarchism is historical and not always wrongly implied when it's been used as a place-holder for nihilism or the reflexive gainsaying of whatever norms happens to exist in a society with no thought given whatsoever. Or the people who just want to play riot and act like Agent Provocateurs.

"Furthermore, I don't really think it's a slur to point out that there are those on the left who tend to not want to deal with or encounter rabble and get rankled when rubber cones are tossed over."

Again I agree, but I think they can do that just fine without trying to smack a label of "privilege" or "elite". I just happen to think that those terms are way overused, especially on Slog, and undermine what you're saying. Apathy, laziness, fear, or attachment to a contrived state of affairs works just as well, and imo actually means something without having the smarmy undertones.
49 Dirac - yes. While I think that wearing radical uniforms (black) could appear like a club, or be offputting to many, I think it is not as easily supported to say that there is a large population who would show up at a street march of this type if it weren't for the presence of the black bloc community. I bet if they didn't go, it would just be a small rally with no new participants. Witness the Peace and Justice calendar maintained by Jean Buskin - every day there are several demonstrations, vigils, and events held by antiwar or ecology groups for issues that the majority of Seattle supports and 5-12 people go. http://www.scn.org/activism/calendar/feb…
Kelly-O, not every anarchist wants to see police murdered. As much as some of these folks advertise themselves as "Thee Anarchists," they're not representative of the wider anti-authoritarian/anarchist community. They're enchanted by insurrectionist rhetoric and hyperbolic grandstanding, and use this kind of theater to engage in public discourse. As flawed as some people find their beliefs, your focus only captures the theater side. I disagree philosophycally with them, but there's much more to that small movement than just shouted slogans and black bloc attire.

@19, @34 -- thanks for bringing to light the works of people who can bring nuanced ideas into their community work. Anarchism is a much more beautiful thing when it is part of difficult, creative, and cooperative work, rather than reactionary and bumbling anger.
@51, too - word. I'm glad to see there's some decent, thoughtful folks on here.
@56 Point taken and agreed. I'll try to be more skillful with my words as well! Thanks for the conversation.
They tagged my garage door, bad.
By the way, who would do the jailing of Ian Birk, as called for? The police? Oh yeah, fuck them though.

If anyone wants to pressure any kind of change they need to WRITE LETTERS TO OLYMPIA. Not tag my fucking building.
Dear Benji,

I'm sooooo sorry that my "reactionary and bumbling anger" at the continued onslaught of state-sanctioned violence isn't cool enough for you. Please. Stop trying to defend "the wider anti-authoritarian/anarchist community", while dismissing "that small movement" as just a bunch of kids in "black block attire" "enchanted by insurrectionist rhetoric and hyperbolic grandstanding." The insurrection vs. creation dichotomy is fucking stale, and nothing is more theatric than your bullshit.

- Thee Anarchist
I hate to see people use blanket terms and act like a group of people that ascribe to a certain take on a philosophy represent everyone who might carry that label. There are probably more takes on anarchism than there are denominations of Christian churches. Anarchism as a term simply means no-hierarchy, and there are many coherent and insightful social philosophies that are anarchist philosophies. Unfortunately, the common perceptions is that anarchism is a kind of chaos worship, which is not the case for anyone who properly understands it or takes it seriously. There are a lot of intelligent and peace loving anarchists in the world and throughout history. One modern anarchist that everyone on the left knows and many respect is Noam Chomsky. If you want to know more about anarchism as a coherent and insightful social philosophy go read some of his political works or the works of Peter Kropotkin, a man who gave up a title of nobility to live by his principals and also a great intellectual. Or if you enjoy learning about a philosophy within the medium of fictional literature, go read some Ursula K. LeGuin, an author well known and loved by many in the Northwest.
Even if you disagree with the ideas, it does not do much for fostering positive public discourse and the exchange of ideas to hold up a bunch of adolescent minded people who are simply looking for an excuse to rage as "the anarchists". They are not emblematic of anarchism and they do not represent everyone who would consider themselves as anarchists in Seattle. I do not consider myself to be an anarchist but I find there to be a lot of useful and insightful ideas within the philosophy and there is much I respect in rational anarchists that live by their principals.
That being said, I don't think criticizingly these people detracts from the cause or it shouldn't. The fact of the matter is that the killing of John T. Williams was a great injustice and the fact that Ian Birk is able to get away with it is another great injustice. If you care about the city of Seattle, it's people or even your own safety you should do everything you can to enact change to ensure this kind of betrayal and assault with impunity does not continue. The more people in the streets, the more the city will know to take the matter seriously and do something to effectively change the situation rather than just appease. But we cannot just leave it up to them. Every citizen needs to be involved.
Look at what's going on around the world. Mass protest can make a difference but we need numbers and we need dedication. You can't just voice your concern and move on with your life, just drop your ballot in the box or only attend one rally one night and say you've done your part. Not everyone can show up to protest every night but many can. The more reasonable people who do, the less likely that people bent on violence will hijack the movement for change and the more likely real change is to take place. The ballot system and city hall forums are obviously not enough. What we need is action that goes outside the set parameters given to us for public participation. In doing so we also need to remember that what we are trying to change is a disregard for life and dignity that is endemic in our police force. In doing so we need to show regard for the life and dignity even of those who disregard it. We need to keep in mind the teaching of the great man for which our county is named, Martin Luther King, Jr.:
"Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral.... But in spite of temporary victories, violence never brings permanent peace. It solves no social problem: it merely creates new and more complicated ones. Violence is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding: it seeks to annihilate rather than convert.... It destroys community and makes brotherhood impossible."
But also, "Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent."
@62: I totally read that in a stereotypical hipster asshole voice.
I don't think all, or even the majority of the people in these pictures or even at the protest were/are anarchists.

Find more intelligent and thoughtful critiques next time.
The problem with these Evergreen retards is their mothers have never been slapped and their city has never been burned.

That last post made me sick. Rake, how dare you be so hate-filled and distasteful?
There are crazy Anarchists, just like there are crazy groups of people everywhere, fighting aggressively for every cause. Snobby article's may be the Stranger's success formula, but come on man, calling people "clown car crazies" is a horrible use of editorial media power.

You can't just say "The Anarchists" like it's one, international group of identically-minded people. Seattle has a particularly sour group of 'Aggro-Anarchists' but passivised versions exists too. True, many leaflets and signs were in bad taste, but so is this article; no disrespect tho.
62: I've been in radical spaces for long enough to know a bully when I see one. What's the point of having great morals when you're mean to the people around you? People like you piss me off so much. Leave Benji alone.
do people really not understand that planning alternative ways to live your life and ORGANIZING can come from a place of anger and dissatisfaction, and that's just as valid as coming from a place of "love"? ("the passion for destruction is also a creative passion.") who says people in black bloc are not doing OTHER ORGANIZING? because for one moment in time they are being explicit in their rage against a system designed to protect rich people? you're right, benji, there is much more to just black bloc and shouting slogans. it is naive to assume that that's "all these people are doing." please stop trying to "inform the public" about those "poor misinformed" people in bloc and remove your paternalistic hand from the collective foreheads of a philosophy you know nothing about.
NO ONE THERE WAS SPEAKING FOR ALL ANARCHISTS. anarchists don't speak for "everyone," they speak for themselves.
there are so many assumptions being made about anarchists on this post, and the photos are intentionally misrepresentative of the march. this is awful journalism.
kelly-o is just pissed that someone called her a junior journalist. get used to it; your reporting is what creates the stench of the paper you work for.
True! I was at the march and a few people made the comment to me that they were cautious to march, but did anyway, to show a peaceful support for the Wialliams family and all that has taken place regarding the SPD's behaviors and actions. I think many more in support that these behaviors and actions allowed by SPD's Officers needs to STOP, would show up, and march quietly and peacefully.
My question and comment that I presented, but was never read, at the Police Accountability held at City Hall was 'Lies, Excuses and Denial vs. Truth, Responsibility and Accountability.
Also at this Police Accountability meeting, when the excuse was stated by SPD, that it takes money to train the SPD Officers regarding sensitivity, I spoke out quite loudly, It Does Not Take Money To Use Common Sense And Treat All People With Courtsey And Respect.
@62 / @69 -- it's true that I have flawed/incomplete ideas about your particular philosophy and the scope of your work, and that maybe I'm a poor example of an anarchist. However, the anonymous internet bully pulpit is pretty shitty. It's so incredibly shitty, in fact, that I've seen numerous former supporters/sympathizers to insurectionary ideals turn sour at the idea that any level of critique immediately turns to ostracization. Stop it.
If you want to work towards a world that is free of coercion, practice it in your daily life -- even on the internet. Even in small and benign ways. And if you want to exhibit radical ideals in your relationships, practice good communication, and not just exercises in consent in the bedroom. Try open communication even with people you don't particularly like.

ALSO, you really should turn your critical eye inwards. The level of blatant/latent racism in your scene is out of control, not to mention some serious fucked up ableism a lot of people have witnessed. Again, former sympathizers and supporters have been horrified and pissed at instances of racism, and when people have made efforts to call it out, the aggressors of racism have patted themselves on their backs for "bringing the community together to talk about these issues." No, just one side was brought together -- everyone else felt ignored and patronized. There's a reason so many members of the radical POC community are so skeptical about (and often disgusted by the thought of) being involved in anything remotely associated with local anarchist organizing these days.

You're using a lot of vague generalizations here. I have to say that lots of the local anarchist organizing these days is being done by POC. I'm not doubting that you know POC that are put off by white anarchists, but you shouldn't make generalizations like you know who is doing what or can speak for the "radical POC community" or "everyone else."

I also hate it when critique turns to ostracization, and I speak out against it, although we have obviously different takes on specific instances that I think are being only vaguely referred to here. As has been articulated enough, that situation was weay more complicated than merely "critique." There are reasons people got so pissed off, none of which were ever addressed.

But let's not go into detail here of all places. If this conversation is to happen, I think this is the wrong place for it. Kelly's post was intended to be a shitstorm aimed at discrediting a really beautiful demonstration, so let's not feed it.

For whatever it's worth, this is my first post in this thread, and it's not anonymous.


This is great. I love this conversation. It's a beautiful example of the Worst the Left has to offer-- boring, irritating, judgmental, shaming, blah blah blah.

The Worst of those on the Right will murder you & expect a medal for it.

Which is why I'll always go w/ the left.
@64 Trying reading them in South Park voices.

I missed the protest last night (I had something important to do) but here's a deal for @62, @69, @72 -- the next time you stage one of these 'beautiful' marches, I'll show up. I'll be as open and as tolerant as I can, and you try to persuade me of the 'beauty' of signs that say 'Fuck the Police.' Where's the beauty in chanting 'Kill the cops in every state?' Persuade me. See, you're not persuading me. You're not persuading anybody. You're losing us. Smashing windows is not persuading people. Wearing black uniforms is not persuading people.

Note what's going on in Cairo and Madison: nonviolence. Peaceful, persuasive protest. Notice something else about those protests? They've moved the cops and the army onto their side. Those are the people you need to persuade. Sorry, children, but the revolution is for everybody. Not just for you.
I was at an anti-Bush protest once. Some guys in black, probably anarchists, climbed up on a bus stop rest and tried to set an American flag on fire. At first we were yelling, "THAT'S NOT WHY WE'RE HERE! YOU'RE MAKING THIS WHOLE THING LOOK BAD."

Then we were yelling, "THAT'S A FLAME-RETARDANT FLAG, YOU MORON!!"

Many of these people don't need anyone to point out how stupid they are.
Question: How many anarchist does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: It will never change- it must be smashed!
I was just thinking of how the protests in WI are going so well because they don't have the annoying "anarchist" kids that I had to endure while living in Portland, OR. Nothing is more annoying than a bunch of idiots who just want to release their testosterone by antagonizing the police and anyone else in their vicinity disrupt an event planned BY OTHERS! I always think, why can't these idiots organize their own protest?? They'd hop onto Iraq war protests, for example, with all kinds of unrelated issues. Oy. Don't get me started. They are imbeciles! They are too lazy and stupid to organize anything coherent. Why can't they just start a fight club and be done with it?
RE: 45 Shadows. I couldn't agree with you more. And those of you who use a sensational photo spread such as this as an excuse to not attend a protest in the future are just looking for an out. You've no real desire to participate, and probably wouldn't, even if everyone dressed and behaved to your liking.
This was so annoying to read. The author sounds like every progressive. You don't have a viewpoint, your view is that other people, essentially, will not be persuaded by the crazy people who are in the street. Yet you're not in the street, only because you're taking photos of people who actually give a damn. You on the other hand, are too comfortable to care. RIP John T Williams. Kill the cops in every state. Down with stupid journalists.
This was so annoying to read. The author sounds like every progressive in Seattle. You don't have a viewpoint, your view is that other people will not be persuaded by the crazy people who are in the street. Yet you're not in the street. You're only there because you're taking photos of people who give a damn. You're only persuaded because other people are. Progressives are too comfortable to care. RIP John T Williams. Shoot the pigs in every state.