You Will Still Pay More for Kindergarten, Just Not 50 Percent More



It sounds onerous...but think about the typical family that is living rent free after stopping the mortgage payments.

Suddenly they've got $3000 in disposable monthly income....
I would have sold my house to pay for my son's private school (in MA). The education system is so awful. You do what ever it takes to give your child the best chance possible. But is this the kind of choice we want to force on people as a society? Yes, they would have paid. But dig a little deeper into what the consequences for families would be.
I think that it's crazy that the curriculum defaults at full day and yet the school district expects parents to pay for half of it. Public education should be 'free', in so far as we pay for it through taxes. Although after seeing the defeat of the 'rich' tax and the state of things in Wisconsin, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills anyway.
One issue here is that the district is NOT really offering a half-day K program (meaning, one with a beginning, middle and end). You can enroll your child in full-day and take them out at noon but you are basically pulling them out in the middle of the program.

If the district offered a real half-day program, I think more parents might choose it. That a one-third of the respondents said they wouldn't pay or weren't sure means there are enough parents to front a half-day K class.
I pay 356 a month here in Brier. They are still getting a deal. Plus before kindergarten I was paying 750 a month for childcare. Once again they are getting a deal.