House Votes to Strip Planned Parenthood of Federal Funds


the house can suck my balls.
It appears here that by removing funding for an organization that provides cancer screenings, the Republicans do not believe cancer screenings are worthy of national funding. This confuses me, as I know of several Republican women who have had cancer. The survivors seem thankful they had screening for cancer. I guess I will never understand American politics.
Fuck these fucking fucks, they can fuck off.
The House is stripping fucking everything out of the budget. And then, when the Dems jam it through anyway (which will happen, because the country can't run without a budget), the GOP will blame everything on the Dems. Politics as usual, pure and simple.
The house does a lot of stupid shit under the new majority leadership, purely to get publicity, like this - since nothing will stick.

Ah well, at least it's an opportunity for Chris Charbonneau to send us members another fundraising email. Best get out my credit card.
I'd love to know which dems voted for it. And in the interest of fairness, it's worth noting that 7 republicans voted against it.
How many jobs will this create?
The comparisons to Saudi Arabia on the other thread become more and more believable every day. Keep your women pregnant and worked so well in the dark ages.

(hola, gus. duck, here comes the puck...)
I'm in Dave Reichert's district . I've called his office and emailed him about how nuclear I am over this, not that it will do any good.

#7 - righteous point. THIS is what they're spending their time on?
Anybody got a vote? I can't find one. You can't find actual facts on Google anymore, just bloggers and spam.
What also is just totally mind boggling wrong was that Pence(the amendments author) and various other republican reps went on the house floor and cited the Lila Rose Live Action scam as a reason for defunding; claiming that they care about the health and safety of women and girls....
GAH!!! that's just fucking far beyond reprehensible and odious.
@9, Reichert voted for it? Jesus, people, there's your hook. He's not a moderate, he's an enemy of women's health. USE IT. Vote the motherfucker out next time.
The Grotesque Oligarch Party at it again... Are we still being civil in politics? Because these Fascists-in-Training need to be removed from office like Mubarak.
@12 Thank you. This should be a hammer used on the house Republican'ts. Let's take it back and restore sanity.
How come the Democrats didn't recognize a Bill of Attainder when Acorn lost all of their federal funds and had to disband?

If I were a cynic, I'd say that race played a role.
This is horrible.

I would point out that not only does Planned Parenthood serve as a primary women's care clinic for millions of women, the affiliates also do a TON of work in communities that need not only access to various birth control and STD prevention methods, but education about reproductive health. Not to mention treatment and counseling for prevention of STD's for men.

I think Cienna summed it up best:

Spend 10 minutes on the phone

Senator Maria Cantwell - 202.224.3441
Senator Patty Murray - 202.224.2621
Congressman Jim McDermott - 206.553.7170

Come on, this is just too easy. Amend it to strip Catholic Community Services of all funding. No federal funds for child rapists!
@10, not subscribing to Roll Call, all I can think is that the vote will be tallied as the Pence of Indiana Amendment No. 95 to H R 1 - to be updated here at some point:…

(hey canuck!)
They're stripping everything out except, of course, military spending.

Yes, it is politics as usual.
@19, yeah, I found that site through CSPAN. It won't be updated until tomorrow by the looks of it.
@20: what you said. end the war, fund women's health.

I am getting a very poor return on my taxes.
So Reichert would require the Green River Killer's rape victims, if they had lived, to bear his children?
The House republicans are basically the Underpants Gnomes of congress. Here's pretty much the extent of their plan:

Phase 1: Attack the real needs and concerns of women
Phase 2: ?
Phase 3: jobs/profit

Men have no business with women's reproductive issues. They way that I see it, they should lose their say in a pregnancy every time they blow their load into a vagina. At that point the decision is 51-49, and the woman gets the final say in everything from that point on since she's the one stuck holding the fetus. I'd love to see what would happen if a women's group proposed legislation having anything to do with men's dicks. They'd probably be arrested.
We need to get Cathy McMorris Rodgers out. She is the House rep in the fifth district and is co-sponsoring all of this crap.
Because taking away people's access to and education of birth control options will create less unwanted pregnancies/abortions... how exactly?

The whole pimp/child prostitute thing was a scam anyways but, even it it were true what is the alternative? Child prostitute gets pregnant ( that would turn out so well for all involved) and is given no working knowledge of std prevention? Besides the fact that PP may be her only link to the "outside world" where she could actually get help to get out of that horrible situation.

fucking dumb-asses!!!
I so, so, so agree with you nartweaq.

If I were the nurse contacted at Planned Parenthood (I don't work there), I'd for sure agree to see the children. That's perhaps the only time that they would be able to be in a safe place outside of the eyes of their pimp. I used to do work with women who did street prostitution at night, and often a 2 am, "I can check out that strange bump in the bathroom of the coffee shop across the street" was the opportunity for us to pass information back and forth, including escape plans.
Fuck the Republicans.
The last time I was without insurance, the ONLY place I could get a pap smear and yearly exam was a Planned Parenthood in Utah (yes, there are a few, and they all need support!). I called multiple doctors, all of whom either wanted a ridiculous amount of cash up front, or who just wouldn't see anyone without insurance. Because of PP, I found out I had some abnormal cells and required additional monitoring and tests. Unfortunately, this "pre-existing condition" also prevented me from getting independent health insurance until health care reform came along, when pre-existing conditions could no longer prevent me from getting insurance.
Evidently since I don't have a penis, my health - and my life - doesn't matter to Republicans. They'd rather dictate how my uterus can be used, define their fantasy version of rape, and take away my rights. So when do I need to start wearing a burqa?
The saddest part of this whole thing is that if this budget makes it all the way to Obama he won't veto it. He is spineless and would let defunding of important non profits like PP go.
The last thing we need is the po' breeding. Fund PP!
@30: Oh, he'll veto it, alright. It also strips funding for ObamaCare.
"Men have no business with women's reproductive issues. "

Until you need taxpayers money for your abortion. Kind of like calling it rape after the check bounces.
@33, Take your venom elsewhere
@33, federal funding for abortion is already against the law except in cases of rape and incest. I guess that upsets you because aborting incest babies would have prevented mentally defective windowlicking shiteaters like you from being born.
You've obviously been drinking the right-wing kool-aid which prohibits reading comprehension and critical (not to mention independent) thought.
You've obviously not heard of nor read the Hyde Amendment, except perhaps the Faux S'news version or the Koch Industries/TeaBaggers version of it.
You're obviously a fucking idiot.
Fuck off.

Thanks for your contribution. It just goes to show, people who support this legislation don't know what they're talking about.
3% of 3 million is 90,000 abortions.

I just read this in Slate:

@29 Me, to: All through high school (before and after I ever had sex) and college, Planned Parenthood was my regular OBGYN. It was affordable, kind and unbelievably helpful. I can't believe that other women might lose access to this amazing institution.

Fuck the fucking Republicans.

It's a shame that the feminist movement was so successfully battered in the 1990s, because in the 1970/80s we would have been making plans by now to march on Washington over this. Something needs to happen besides just signing an stupid Internet petition.
Well, don't just sit there. Let's do something!

Walk for Choice Feb 26 at 12pm.
Broadway & Pine - Capital Hill

We have a VOICE, we have a CHOICE!
Well, don't just sit there. Let's do something!

Walk for Choice Feb 26 at 12pm.
Broadway & Pine - Capital Hill

We have a VOICE, we have a CHOICE!