I'm Guessing the Night Shift Will Be Right on This With a Live, on-the-Scene Report


You're a machine, Goldy.
It's too bad SPD doesn't have any camels like they do in Egypt. That would be cool.
It seems like these protests alway become violent when SPD is involved. Cant they just sit back and wait for things to cool off.
Apparently not.

It's about the killer cop.

Fucking hippies.
When we drove up Pike by Neumo's around 10:30p, we ran into the group - which had about 100 people at that point, with about 4 people who still carried signs (no flags at that point) and they were calling people out of bars. I bet that %0%+ of the group had left and another 50% had recently joined out of interest on Capital Hill - because they weren't the same faces as on the KOMO video.
Except for that TV coverage, I'd say no harm done to the more serious police reform 'movement' because the only people out to watch a march starting at 9pm are the people at bars, so it is more like a cheap, healthy exercise activity to walk around on Friday night for the youth who can't afford nightclubs because they're unemployed.
Coverage from the Capitol Hill Seattle, lotsa pics:

And the Seattle Times:
These privileged little liberal arts goons wouldn't be so tuff if mommy and daddy cut off their allowances.

A beat down would probably do them good.
Ever seen a situation so bad the cops can't make it worse? I think Christopher Montfort had the right idea. Class war? I wish! The word 'war' implies fighting back!