I've read that the Canadian airport scanners have the millimeter wave and not the backscatter Xray scanners like at Sea-Tac. Is Sea-Tac too impoverished to afford millimeter wave scanners, or is it US government policy to give people cancer and deny funding for cancer screening?
Had she brought on a 6 oz container of shampoo though they'd have shot her dead in the terminal.
Hey, I finally get the headline!
Acronym jokes = Good stuff.
There oughta be a road show, maybe a tv series, dare I dream: an indie film?
I'll bet if she was of Middle Eastern descent, they'd have looked at the images more closely.
Note: they said "in her undergarments."

Since they're just body surface scans, a large breasted woman can hide anything they want up under the fold of their tit and not have it be detected at all. Big enough girl and you could smuggle a Glock up in there!.

(I've actually seen this happen while doing pat downs at a club; a girl jumped up & down when her friend joined her in line and -- OOPS! -- her pipe & stash fell out from under her titties right in front of me!)