An American in Yemen


Very interesting perspective. Thanks, Meg, for the insight.
I sounds like Yemen has a Libertarian, pull yourself up by the bootstraps type of government that Tea party types are begging for.
To put it simply, they all want and deserve justice. Real justice.
Maybe their different perspectives are a result of the fact that the Iranian professor lives in a technological bubble in a technologically advanced country, and thus sees technology as the uniting force, while Meg-in-Yemen lives in a corrupt and desperately poor country, and thus sees corruption and poverty as key. Huh.

Personally, I'm with Meg. Corruption and extreme, dollar-a-day poverty exist in almost all of these countries. And the protesters for the most part don't HAVE technology.
We North Americans like to talk about freedom, but Vince is right. This is about justice.

Thanks to much for bringing the voices of the people to us, Stranger staff. Thanks to "Meg", the two "correspondents" from Iran and to Jen's friend in Egypt for being willing to share their stories with us.