Dean Jordan Speaks About His Refusal to Recognize SPU's Gay Student Group


I know Philip Eaton, he was an interm president of Whitworth in the early 1990's...and he is nothing more than a tool for the SPU's board of trustees if his time at Whitworth is any indication.

Expect NOTHING to change from that man.
Has anyone tried to put together a walkout? I'm not sure how widespread support is on campus but if you can get a critical mass of students and staff to leave class and sit in the quad at a specific time that might send a message.

As would a lawsuit. Wasn't there one against another university trying to pull this last year? I'm sure SPU accepts federal funds.
I just love this campaign. So nicely done, sir!
Gay rights isn't just about sex. It's about love. It's about family. It's about personhood and dignity. Calling this a fight about sex is the way the Christian right likes to delegitimize the issue.