And by the Way, if SPU Really Wants to Talk About Sex...


Good idea. He could get SPU to cough up the "$10,001 to $20,000" your link says he charges for one of his It Gets Better speeches, announce during his speech that he's donating their dirty money to the Trevor Project or something, then ream SPU in person, all on a video he'll have on the YouTube page forever.

You're right, SPU should rush to sign him up.
Not to be obtuse, but do you really think SPU is going to invite a speaker on campus who regularly ridicules evangelical Christians?

I'm not saying that some of them don't deserve ridicule, but perhaps the message of equality and support for LGBT students would be better received in a community that values the Christian faith if it's delivered by someone who professes the Christian faith AND believes in equal marriage rights - let's say, by one or another of the gay pastors or theologians who participated in the It Gets Better Project.
Obviously he's not proposing this as if it's a realistic possibility. I don't even know how that would happen. Dan would have to speak for days on end to begin to reverse evangelical sexual ideology just so he could impart some semblances of practical information.