Anonymous vs. Westboro Baptist Church


Anonymous says they didn't write the letter, and they think it's a trap set by WBC.…
from the website of anonymous - "ANONYMOUS - the Voice of Free Speech & the Advocate of the People"

funny that they claim they're an advocate of free speech yet want to silence exactly that. while i agree that the wbc is a bunch of retarded bigots, they have a right to their sign waving protests. freedom of speech is freedom of speech; even if it's speech that you personally hate.
One crazy person is locked up & pumped full of drugs. A bunch of crazy people together is a federally-protected religion.
@1 I love,love, love the whole tone of the clarifying press release. I want to take them all out for beers and listen to the conversations...
Eli, maybe the press release @1 can have it's own post; perhaps under politics/spoken word/freedom of speech (satirical and not) ?
Anonymous claiming "they" didn't write the original press release is pretty lame. If one of them wrote it, then "they" wrote it.
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I loved that documentary on the WBC by Louis Theroux. They are such a bizarre and insane bunch of creeps it's rather fascinating to watch.
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Good thing it wasn't Anonymous, imagine the devastation of the WBC's website being down for a few hours. The humanity.
Only a 12 year old shut in would think WBC can be stopped by taking down their website.

Net native generation fail.
"We will keep your application on file..." God, I so love a witty smart-ass.
That toothy doughball speaking and singing is one of the more unsettling things I have recently seen.
As has been pointed out recently, the Phelps/WBC strategy is to make money from lawsuits. Go to a place, antagonize the crowd with the most insulting stance possible, show legally relevant restraint, when a crowd member loses their shit and assaults one of the WBC member, sue that person and/or organization they represent.

They aren't so much "completely loony", as entirely cynical and conniving.

It is completely in the realm of possibility for WBC to post that Anonymous will attack them... then they can prepare the legal & technical groundwork to track down a few members and sue the shit out of them if a cyber-attack does happen.

One can only hope that Anonymous is collectively smart enough to abstain from some sort of loose-cannon attack.
I think I watched a BBC documentary vid on the group awhile ago. Quite interesting. I still might have in somewhere on my external hard drive or on a dvd.
Either a WBCer or a massive newfag wrote that.
Jonathan Swift says: Eating babies is ALWAYS funny.

BTW the guy at the end convinced me. I'll be joining their church now. By all you crapachino-drinking fag enablers!
I just really wish that the press would stop covering them. Yes, they have the right to speak, to wave offensive protest signs, and even to picket funerals. The best way to silence them is not to arrest them, or to deny their right to speak. The best way to silence them is not give them a microphone. Ignore them. They are a tiny group of people with a great big megaphone, and they are causing a wildly disproportionate amount of damage for the size of their group. I have enormous sympathy for the people who have to suffer their outrageous and appalling behaviour, but really, they are attention hounds. And bullies. And the best way to deal with them is to pretend they don't exist. If we all pretend hard enough, maybe they won't.
I had their website taken down once because they violated the TOS of the webhost. What did they do? Got their own servers and Internet connection. These people are like cockroaches!