The Smithsonian Is Having A Video Game Art Show in A Year


The Smithsonian has become a right wing shill. I wouldn't give it the time of day.
Boulderdash vs. Jumpman? Chrono Trigger vs. A Link to the Past?? Tough decisions.
Jen, I don't remember whether you posted on this or not in recent days, but the Smithsonian appears to have escaped significant budget cuts in the Continuing Resolution H.R. 1 for the remainder of this fiscal year and probably for the next, in part because of pandering to the GOP:………
(...I know you posted a lot specifically about the censorship of the Wojnarowicz video.)
Is there a video game where Jesus gets covered in ants?

If so, that one please.
Sad, that I've worked in videogames for 18 years now and yet none of the titles I've done art for is in contention for that exhibit.
They're including E.T.??? One of the worst games ever made and a contributor to the industry crashing in 1983 and whose unsold copies were buried in a landfill? Fuck, why don't they include Custer's Revenge while they're at it?
Where is Katamari Damacy?!
@3,4: Well, yes and no. The Smithsonian director backed down before he was really presented with a fight. The cuts to the Smithsonian's budget are pretty minimal and there's not any evidence they'd actually have gotten down to the NPG/art levels, anyway.'s a bit of a red herring (which I think is the subtext of Modern Art Notes's writing).
@3,4: The Smithsonian regents, including Seattle's Patty Stonesifer, scolded the director last month for taking down the piece -- so just as it's not clear that censorship saved funding, it's not clear that the institution on a higher level would have buckled to GOP threats the way its unilateral director did.…
Not a Single Castlevania Game? Symphony of the Night should be on there.

also, anyone who didn't vote for Okami has no soul. Not to mention it's unfair it put Chrono Trigger, Link to The Past AND Earth bound on the same page.
Thanks, Jen. It does appear that as late as Feb. 9th, House Appropriations chair Hal Rogers was considering at least a $7.3M cut, which is small potatoes and could easily be viewed as "doing their part" rather than punitive. The ~$150M (if memory serves) for facility repair and maintenance--to touch that would have been idiotic on the part of the Republicans (such problems only grow, and construction/materials costs are depressed right now). And I suppose the Regents' scolding could be viewed as a bit of necessary theatre.

A link discussing 1990 funding levels and fights, just for fun:…
@8 - I agree. If there is any game that should be considered art it's Katamari Damacy.
This is such balderdash! Seriously?
Take a look at this, compelling, contemporary, and authentic.…