A Demand for an Open Forum on Sexuality at SPU


This is happening in large part thanks to your reporting, wow.
@1, I've been down this road with a christian school before. And the fact this is so word for word what the Whitworth Administration did is fucking giving me nightmares (seriously, talk about flash backs!)

This "discussion" or "prayer group" or "circle jerk" will be influenced by ONE thing...MONEY!! And the alumns with the deepest pocketbooks will win.



this would have happened either way. the Stranger is not publicizing anything to the SPU community it doesn't already know or care about.

So would a good summary of your position be that you went to Whitworth and you don't like Whitworth, and Whitworth is bad, and you went there and you don't like it? Just wanted to make sure it was clear, I couldn't quite tell.