McGinn Pledges to Deliver Light Rail Package to Council This Summer, Among Other Things


What's the name of the Deputy Mayor again...oh, yeah, Sancho Panza!
All progressive-y, right down to calling out a piss-poor police force, valuing transit over roads and doin' it for the kids.

Just stop it with the WTF.
Tunnel people don't want you to vote.

They think anyone who isn't a millionaire should act as a servant in an 18th century play.
McGinn's plan to win the future? As long as the future isn't a reelection in 2013, all is good.
"In 2011, the ity will"

I think you mean the City.

By the way, if $65k starting salary isn't enough, they have a bunch of $195k condos for sale in Fremont .... which means it is enough.

Get used to $200 to $300 per barrel oil, cause it will be here by 2020. Just ask China, they're freaking out right now about that.
I think the tunnel-heads need their own Sarah Palin to fight off the people.
I'd have prefered "a water crossing for feculent nabobs". Also I think "the future is ours to lose" would be more Seattle. Winning and Seattle, um, no. Not losing is about the best we could hope for in terms of a shared goal.
I hate it when abstract platitudes happen.
I like his ambition with respect to expanding light rail to Ballard and West Seattle even if the odds are against it. There's nothing to lose from trying to get light rail expanded to those areas. Those neighborhoods really need it in the worst way, particularly when the tunnel get built and traffic jams from people avoiding the tunnel will tie up downtown traffic.
I'd like to see this light rail idea become a reality but after our collective experience with the fear mongering that destroyed the monorail and the Seattle Commons....well let's just say I'm not holding my breath for any such progress.
@5 Will is correct.

@10 Seattle Commons?
@11...tell me you dont' know what the Seattle Commons was?!?!? Holy Shit!!! I take it you are not a local?
"otherwise we've just spent $4 billion on a bridge for rich people."

Im not rich and have been using this bridge for 15 years. Been doing so on the 255/256/540 bus routes, Ive never owned a car. Even if they dont put a light rail on the 520, I wouldnt consider it a bridge for rich people.

Not sure if adding a 2nd light rail to Bellevue is going to give us poor people the options they were looking for. Would be ideal if the 520 light rail connected to the Bellevue line, then forked off in a different direction, going north to Kirkland or Bothell (current light rail will go to Redmond).

Personally cant wait for the tolls to take effect, with 50% of the folks saying they will avoid the bridge to avoid paying the tolls, it will make my commute so much faster.

@9: Pretty much any option except the elevated replacement would suck for West Seattle. Traffic in and out of there is universally awful when the Viaduct closes for any reason.
@10 for the Death of the Unwanted Tunnel win.