"'We're Killing Everybody We Can,' Seattle Police Declare"


So did you buy a copy? I want to know what's inside.
I did try to buy one. It's only a single piece of paper. They appear to be signed and numbered, like you would do with art. I can't make out the signature
From the close up shot, it looks like just a single sheet of paper stuck in front of the actual newspaper.
Those are great.
Impact? Really?

Also, I don't remember any children being shot by SPD. Names?
That is an awesome prank! like the Onion! :D
Jesus. What is that main photo from? It's reminiscent of Hemingway-era African safaris where the Great White Hunter holds up the head of a slaughtered kudu or lion or something.
It would be funny if it weren't...well, you know the rest.
They only kill the non-whites.

Sadly true.

Seattle Under Siege ...
@7 - reminds me more of Banksy's Paris Hilton stunt!
@10, thank god I'm white...though gay so I probably am at a slight risk of getting my brains shot out by a Seattle cop.
Juvenile and counter productive. Way to advance the dialog.
That's near where an officer was assaulted this morning. http://www.seattlepi.com/local/435927_po…
@13: Juvenile, yes. Counterproductive? How so - cops will even be WORSE now? Meh.
Typical idiocy from stereotypical naive sheltered white Seattle libtard hypocrites who live in one of the whitest cities in the USA.
You know what else doesn't "advance the dialog"? Getting shot in the fucking head.
The police are not killing me. So I guess the stupid ass one page stunt is wrong. When the police REALLY start to kill everybody you little shits will know it. Otherwise show some respect for those police officers that do their jobs with dignity and honesty every day. Get mad at the one or two officers that are infact hurting innocent citizens. That anger is justified and well directed. And get mad at the police officers that support those bad officers. But Stop lumping them all together, it's wrong it's bad it's evil.
Hide your kids. Hide your wife.
@13 what dialog?

Are you living in a different Emerald City than we are?
@16 try looking at the 2010 census data - and then go tell yourself that fable.
Hey Kelly O!
The Fifth Estate (A Detroit anarchist newspaper) pulled a similar stunt on an Easter Sunday decades ago.

If I recall correctly, the faked out version of the Detroit News contained this 'Chuckle of the Day':
"Jesus is on the cross,
His Blood is Dripping.
Grab Another Nail,
His Head is Slipping."

@18 The police condemnation of the recent police shootings has been muted, at best. In the meantime, we have the SPOG Guardian to gage the rank-and-file blue response.
I always suspected they killed Laura Palmer.
Terrible typography.
To those taking the main headline as serious social commentary, I suggest paying attention to what's above that.
@13: 'Cause it's everyone's obligation to "advance the dialog", whatever that means. No room for commentary, or sarcasm or parody, or anything not laser-focused on robotically advancing some dialog to some unspecified end.

Kind of a grim reality you've got there.
Brilliant. The human responsible for this has my undying love.
Blaming all police officers for the actions of a few is no different than blaming all teachers when one molests a student. For the most part, the police officers in Seattle are good people doing their job as best as they know how.
Sorry Will, I've been here a lot longer than this has been the "Emerald City".

Yes, counterproductive. A dialog doesn't have to exist or be healthy to advance the same, and stupid jokes like this work counter to addressing the very real issues that have led to the current state of affairs.

A total waste of time. While you're busy pretending you understand why some cops are "bad", maybe you should pause for a moment and try to consider why anyone would want to take on the responsibility of being a cop in a city like Seattle. Why would someone do that, so they can be spit on? Because they get sexually aroused by wearing a badge? Maybe so.

At least now you are considering real world ideas, rather than farting in the bathtub because you think the bubbles are funny.

So, not only juvenile and counterproductive, but stupid as well. No wonder Will likes it.
Lol. You have no idea of the history of this city and how corrupt we've been, do you Aaron.

Look up Abscam on your Googlez and follow the linked corruption history ...
@29 I don't see all teachers unquestionably supporting child molesting teachers. You're thinking priests- it's a far more apt comparison. And yes, priests are scum for supporting (or at the very least staying silent about) those evil bastards.
@29 FTW
So awesome.
well, not the win, but it is true.

very sad how all the good cops are being tarred by the actions of the bad cops.
@Kelly O and Golob: Don't forget The Yes Men's New York Times stunt.
Right after the 2008 election.
Shit, I would have paid for one.
yo kelly- the bottom pic is really good. the old dude with the leather jacket looks like an old school G. cig in hand checking out the headline. thats 2nd and pike right?
This was done during WTO as well
@29 agreed with @32. I would feel bad for the cops if I knew which of them were there to help, and which of them are just waiting for an opportunity to shoot. As of now I see a unified front in support of the shooters. When a teacher molests a child, the other teachers condemn and shun, when I see that in the cops, I will treat them as individuals.
Reminds me of Derek Erdman 2003: http://www.derekerdman.com/ilovemilkshak…

Guess he had to move to a new city to recycle it.
The best piece of art i've ever seen in Seattle
This is 100% great.
@29 FTL. When a teacher is caught molesting a child, they are prosecuted and put in jail. When a cop is caught murdering someone he's allowed to resign and move on. False equivalancy.
@29: Oh bullshit. Teachers' Unions don't sanction molestation and stand behind known pedophiles.
@29, there was no blame for all police officers, there was a creative artistic approach to confronting the recent rash of murder and violence by Seattle cops that's been going on. Seattle citizens have a right to be angry about it and one would think a creative, rather than violent, approach to outrageous police behavior would be welcomed.

I hate and criticize the police violence, yet realize that's a small percentage of our force. I had a perfectly wonderful and easy experience at the downtown station getting a copy of an incident report today. Faster than a bank transaction, for which I was thankful for, and all the SPD staff were super nice and helpful.
Shouldn't that sign across from the museum say "Building for Sleaze"?

Banksy, only better, because it's not .

Describe all Seattle libtards? Too vague.
Conservitards, on my Slog?

bootless cries, a la Shakespeare
@35 - Will in Seatle, well, then why are you taring them?
don't forget the Seattle Crimes newspaper that appeared in downtown newspaper boxes in 2005... i think i still have a copy somewhere.

(there's a PDF available here, i believe:)
we could avoid all of this if we would just dedicate more of our officers to eradicating the terrible threat of bikini baristas! we need as much manpower as we can muster to do another year long sting into the local strip clubs. THESE are the true problems we face here in Seattle. who cares about the gangs, thefts, violence, and other minor crimes involving any of the three?
Yes, Kelly was just casually strolling downtown and came across a box. And then ran around looking to find others. NOT!
Someone alerted The Stranger that this was going to occur, or it could be a totally "inside job".
Nevertheless, this thread is fascinatingly indicative of the degree of shallow jadedness that permeates the pea-brains that lap this stuff up with glee, getting a big Tee-Hee over it. It probably doesn't occur to them that many officers are union-supporting Democrats like them (or that some are even gay) - but that doesn't matter - they're all PIGS as far as they're concerned. I just hope they don't require a trip to the ER when they get mugged and then get their attitude adjustment on the spot.
@49: Creative artistic approach? I could replicate the same thing on my laptop in an hour, hardly artistic.
I need to correct myself. Creativity is not negated because someone else can replicate it. But I think we'd all agree that amateur parodies are not creative.
they should have put these up in bellevue.
@58 - But you didn't. Instead you sat around replicating some other godawful boring git's posts on your laptop. The only thing less creative than amateur parodies are amateur critics.
@61: We're not in an art galery here. This was a mean-spirited punch against the SPD.
@59: I'm interested to hear more about what you think "we'd all agree" on. In fact, I'd be delighted to witness a really long conversation between you and yourself, perhaps in an "art galery".
I'm wearing full on kevlar now, wherever I go.
@62 As opposed to a mean-spirited shot (or 5) in the chest?
Yes Sargon Bighorn, respect the cops that aren't raping women in New York while they make 110,000 - 150,000$ a year, or executing people who are handcuffed on a subway platform, but you know, this is just a joke paper. Show some respect for the piggies.
@61 - If you're alive, you're in an art gallery.
If you're alive and your name is Art your last name should be Gallery and you should wear Nagel T-shirts
@68, That's awesome!
@69, agreed!
@68, Not cool!
@68, Thanks for the tip!
Yes, this has been done better before, most recently by the Yes Men with the NY Times, but it's still effective. I live in Spain and local people just passed me the link because they know I used to live in Seattle, asking "what's wrong with the police there?!" News travels far, even when false.