Chimerica in Chinatown


What are the Chinese going to do, sell our t bills are drive down the value of their largest asset?

Owe $100k and the bank owes you.

Owe $1 trillion and you own the bank aka China.

Thanks China!

This kind of statement has huge implications for the US.

China MUST consider themselves safe with US t-bills. Once they don't, we'll be in deep shit.
You think that means an "icy hate relationship"? No way.

Krugman sez we should calm ourselves:…
If memory serves, that building in ID also has masonic symbols on it. Thus establishing, irrefutably, that it is the headquarters for the Illuminati and the New World Order.
@4 no, that's the Rainier Club.
@2--IIRC, this statement was made a couple years ago. The Chinese have already indicated they like to make the US not a reserve currency, but how? With their armies of domestic consumers?
The 'e' is elided when confronted by a vowel or an h+vowel. l'école, l'hôpital, l'etc. :)
One of the interesting things in the recent Middle Eastern revolts against Dictators has been the increased money flow by dictators and their extended families and such to put money into EU currencies and EU investments, and not into US treasuries, since they know they'll be frozen if they're USD.

The Chinese currency has a higher risk factor, due to their dependence (e.g. note the thousands of Chinese who fled Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia) on oil despots worldwide, so they're pretty much stuck with US treasuries. Not that that will save them when the revolution comes to China in about 6 months.
@7: Only for an h muet. The "h" in la haine is an h aspiré and there is no contraction or liaison.
ever since i found out china's prosperity is actually, at some point, going to be good for ecology and the environment- curbing population, increasing education, eventually leading to stable environmental relationships- i feel like we can really be pals. i mean it. cheers china!
Charles, sometimes your a sincere idiot.
That should be "you're"