The Latest Revolt: Iraq


After thousands of lost American lives and a trillion dollars, this is how we're repaid? With vicious repression? Peaceful demonstrations are a human right, not an opportunity to butcher your own people. Clinton needs to put these clowns down.
Thank the baby Jayzus that the surge worked.
GTFO yesterday.
How can we spend so much money on "intellegence" gathering and still manage to be fucking surprised when uprisings happen?

Oh wait...we're gathering intellegence on our own people. Sorry, I forgot. Carry on.
I was watching the events unfold this morning on Al Jazeera. It was striking to see the difference between the crowds out in Baghdad today and the ones that supposedly came out when the Hussein regime was overthrown.

The GWB and co. would have just waited we could have let the Iraqi people do the job for us and saved trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives.
What @3 said. Pull the plug already.
Mission Accomplished!