Academy Awards Time


What if I'm out of vodka and diapers?

Will Kahlua and sani-wipes do?
I had a hard time deciding if The Social Network or The King's Speech will win. (Something with "the" in the beginning of the title will win.)

Social Network is so American and Great Gatsby-like with Zuckerberg wanting to be the smartest (and coolest guy) in the room. Funny how the money really meant little to him at the time.

The King's Speech is such old-timey, wonderful film-making with a great inspirational story that makes you just suffer for the main character.

What will appeal most to Oscar voters? AFter going out on a ledge with The Hurt Locker (another "the" film), I'm going with The King's Speech.

I wish the actress in Animal Kingdom (ferocious performance) would win but I think Melissa Leo will win.
The King's Speech will win. 100.
true dat, @3.

Anyone else love the cover of the New Yorker?
Yes, "I am Legend" .