Apparently, Wii Want a Sex Game


no doubt the crowd here would prefer something that utilized the Move "wand"…

@1 this could only be improved with an MMORPG aspect running on a 1 Gbps net connection like those sexy sexy South Koreans have.

Oh, darn you, sex toy arms (etc) race!
Unsexy? So what does rev your motor, Paul, Danielle Steel novels?
I feel bad for the poor souls who have to test that...
Looks like the setup to a rape scene on L&A: SVU.

Who makes the game? Could it be a Japanese video game makers struggling with a Western sexual identity less replete with schoolgirls and rapacious octopuses?
What that party really needs is a satchel full of coke, a few hookers, and some Charlie Sheen action. chicka-chicka bwaaaah.

Let France do this, will you, Japan? Go build a car or something.
Does anyone recognize the music?
If you don't have the new more sensitive controllers (or spring for the dongle to upgrade an old one), you'll no doubt throw your back out doing that stripper pole game before your avatar does anything remotely sexy.
Will in Seattle is one of those guys where he forces himself in your conversation and hears you tell a joke about peanuts. Then, for the next 6 times you bump into him, he tells you another HILARIOUS joke about peanuts. I bet he has a lot of people look at him, pause, and say "Um, anyway..."
I feel like a total square for this, but I thought it was reasonably sexy. I mean, there were plenty of hot people for everyone, right? Now, what was happening in the game however, that was all sorts of lame.
Putting one's mouth on the controller--really? Those things are loaded with germs. Ick.
I'd be game if they shoved the controller in one of the guys butthole.
@13 - Am I crazy or did they practically allude to that during the last 10 seconds of the video?
Very 'Orgy-Porgy'.

I think it would be fun if they did a Dragon's Lair type of video game where it queues up porn based on your activity/positions using the controllers. Make it tongue and cheek enough to make it funny. See which couple can get the actors/performers off the fastest/strangest way.
Do those things vibrate?

Even worse, you know some joker is gonna actually lick one of those controllers. Like, all up and down it. Then, would you want to touch it?
Looks like the average party at my house, although we dont wear clothes, there is no Wii remote and there are usually alot more people.
To wildly paraphrase Nora Ephron back when she was interesting: it almost makes you long for the days when an evening out with another couple meant bridge.
If the charecters were actually a little bit hot, then this might fly, but lego-man like Mii's do not sexy time make.

Nintendo and Microsoft would never license a truly sexy game. They want to stay family friendly with all the Call of Duty, Resident Evil, and Halo games. They are worse than Apple in that regard.

@12: Germophobes make horrible sex partners.

@19: That's funny, although I'll take an orgy over bridge any day.
Personally, I thought it was mildly sexy. I do wonder how it is that you WIN the game.

@18, do tell.
would tantric sex douche from yesterday do well at the wii middle school parlor game???

find out and futz with it here.…

i find it to be an evil amalgamation, that might somehow work if only i had enough hallucinogens in muh NesCafe.
Now I'm waiting for fuck fuck revolution..
@19: Love the spring look, Catalina! Is that Von Furstenberg? I also liked the '70s headscarf you briefly donned (presumably with maxiskirt).
Thank you, Emma darling. That's just a little thing my seamstress whipped up. She's so nimble and quick, and doesn't seem to mind that she never gets out of that room in the basement. Of course, I don't understand whatever languqge it is she yammers, so who knows?

And yes, that was a maxiskirt ensemble, and it was simply stunning. But it didn't photograph well. I simply must get a new camera. But with all I do for the underpriviliged, i don't know where I'll get the money. (Besides the seamstress, I've got a housekeeper in the attic and a whole family of garderners in the rafters of the garage. Between them they eat almost a dozen eggs, two loaves of bread, a case of Ramen, and one of those big packs of lunch meat a week! Not to mention all the Pabst and Tab they can drink. I'm too generous. That's what I am)
@12 My thoughts exactly. Especially after their snot-nosed kid played with it earlier in the day while enjoying a pb&j and cheetos.
Yes, Catalina dear, you are far too generous. One must consider one's own needs from time to time, you know. By the looks of your photo, however, it appears you are fortifying yourself appropriately.
and of course, two ladies playing "nibble the apple" is sexy, but there is no dude and dude filrtiness. Barfo.
really? that was a joke right ? i hope!?