The Most-Pirated E-Book List Is Awful


That's about what I'd expect. Stuff that is pretty disposable or people are too embarrassed to buy. This is also the type of info you can get for free on any number of websites. Plenty of people will still pay for John Grisham, I guess.
Oh God, how dreadful. You have to pay ME to get me to read any of those, and even then we'd have to haggle over the price.
eh, some people like non-fiction. I'm not defending the list but the world really doesn't need one more god-damn useless shitty novel passed around.
Sex, maths, and living rich---sounds like my ideal life....
This reeks of nerdery.
If you pirate Photoshop you might as well pirate a guide to Photoshop too, right?
Well said, number 3.
I'm just amazed that Math lost to Sex by only 3-2; though it might be considered 3.5 to 2.5 if the secrets of the rich is about counting money and fucking.
@ 7: Photoshop is the best software no one ever paid for.
The problem here is that TPB is not the place to pirate books. Books are small so filelockers like HotFile, RapidShare, MegaUpload, MediaFire, etc are the storage mechanism of choice. 90% of the time you can find whatever you want with a simple Google search for "book title ebook rapidshare" (or hotfile, or whatever). If you can't find it from searching, there are plenty of forums where you can put in requests and find books that others have already requested.

But you know, whatever. If they want to count piracy by looking at TPB, I'm all for it. They're focusing on the wrong sources, but that's good for the rest of us who just want to get stuff to read without paying hardback prices for DRM-restricted, poorly-edited books from the stores who got sucked into agency pricing. Seriously, I just paid $13 for a copy of Oil!. That's ridiculous, and I never would've done it if it hadn't essentially been free to me (purchased on a gift card that I got for free from credit card cashback promos). At least I can still rip off the DRM so I can use the book for my own purposes.
@ #11 said: " I just paid $13 for a copy of Oil!."

Good thing that you got it when you did. I understand that the price of oil is shooting up by leaps and bounds.
I don't understand why the math book made the list, can anyone explain this?
ANYone who needs to read a Sex Manual needs more help than any book can provide
I don't know, I'm pretty pleased to see "How to Blow Her Mind in Bed" so high on the list. I mean, I have no idea if its advice is any good, but I'm certainly all in favor of men (and women, I suppose) striving for improvement in that realm.
You'd be a fool to think this list of titles represents anything but a drastically obscure fringe group. These look like a cross section of the aspirations of East European nerds. Borat, without the personality.

But if publishers take it seriously, well, that tells you a lot about publishers.
This is Will in Seattle's personal library. He's already contacted The Pirate Bay for a refund on #10; it's not working.
You would you rather them pirate all Kindle bestsellers? Warez kids that use public trackers have poor taste.
Definitely worth the $250,000 in criminal charges from the Publishers Association.
1001 Math Problems??
@ Meg..there is nothing worse than a man determined to pleasure you bc he read somewhere that finger-stabbing you would do the trick. I'm all for effort...but trial and error beats a manual any day
what did we use before toilet paper ?
this is the Most Important kind of date on piracy and file sharing. It has NOTHING to do with stealing from artists. MORE! Show us More.
@16 hey, they have the personality! Why do you think they want you to like them in 90 seconds or less?

East European nerds with no attempts at personality wouldn't have bothered with that one