Islamist Pizza Fuels Protests in Wisconsin!


A football field is 360 feet long. Those are some big fucking pizzas.
I donated a pizza with pixie dust because I am a queer woman!
Walker does seem like the kind of guy who would order the bombing of a disco or a passenger plane.
It took me a second to realize you were kidding. I predict conservative readers experiencing similar confusion will accuse you of making up stories and printing them as fact.
You know, if we really want to nail to to the tea party, we'd send Islamic burritos instead of pizzas.
The dictators in foreign countries use the lies that make more sense to their own people, just as Walker is using lies that make sense to the teabaggers.

But a lie by any other name...

Do end zones usually count when people say the length of a football field? Technically they should, but I always assumed they mean the distance between goal lines.

Still, even at 100 yards, that'd be pizzas that are 25 inches across, which would be pretty huge, like you said.
I'd like to see a you tube spoof like the one done about Gaddafi (done by an Israeli-that has gone viral) with Scott Walker…
Proteus @4,

Conservative readers experiencing similar confusion will take this as fact, failing to recognize the satire at all.

Just like the time I put up on Huffington Post a clearly satirical newswire story about a 340-pound Egyptian plotting to blow up a plane by rendering his own fat on board, refining it into bio-diesel, and then mixing ANFO explosives from urea nitrate extracted from his own urine. We got plenty of links from righty sites, taking the alleged terrorist plot at face value.
Not the lightest touch ever -- I can see why a casual reader might not see what you're driving at -- but it's fun to see you do this sort of thing.
Republicans are the working man's enemy. I really wonder how many of the people showing up to protest voted for this Governor Walker fellow? Something tells me there are some. What this is about is taking away from working people so the rich can get off scot free!
That does it. We need a president who will fight Islamofascism with good Chrisitian values. Someone like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman or Newt Gingrich.
Looks like the people of Wisconsin will stay in the building, defying the Republicans' orders for them to leave. Presumably the police will arrest them, which is more wasteful use of state resources coming from the Republicans.…

Ohhh yeaaaah, Pop! Pop!

Mag-ni-tude in Da House ( Da House of Representatives!)…
Goldy @9 -
omg that's hailarious.
HA! You almost had me Goldy. As I read what "Governor Walker" said I kept thinking "No fucking way! He's practically quoting Gaddafi!". Then I realized it was actually you quoting Gaddafi. Now I'm left thinking "where do I get some hallucinogenic pizza?