Glenn Beckwatch: Stepping Back


I guess he'll just have to retire at 47, and console himself with the tens of millions of dollars he managed to make in just a few years.

Would that it were just about the money, but Beck, like most demagogues, gets off just as much on his perceived power and influence among Conservative Elites, as he does doing laps in a pool full of dollar bills, ala Scrooge McDuck.

Now that even the right-wing rats are starting to evacuate the U.S.S. Beck, that loss of influence must be even more galling to him.

And SFAIC, it couldn't be happening to a nicer guy...
not to mention his Cash4Gold spam - one of my top #twitterpetpeeve problems

Beck is old technology.

One things Republicans can't stand is last years news.
They should put Beck and Sheen in a condo and tape it. They could call it "Two Half Men". I'd watch it for the lulz.

You got that right. No one can forget history faster than a conservative.....
More people in Nebraska watch his show than the overall amount of people who watch Keith's new show.
"Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last?"

That puts Beck's show about neck-and-neck with "Mythbusters" in terms or viewership.

So, your point?
@2, What evidence do you have that Beck's schtick is anything more than a clever get-rich-quick scheme?*

*especially clever given that only five years ago, Beck was bombing out of cable news on CNN and radio as a third-rate Limbaugh ripoff...
Becks L0L silver gopher caption would read:
"I can haz some of that pure uncut Charlie Sheen juice inside me now. Pleaz!!!"
That's pretty weak sauce as far as distancing goes.
Wow! really?

Seeing that Keith's new show isn't even on the air yet that doesn't seem to be much of a claim. But hey, try to stay current there Skippy.
@7: "More people in Nebraska watch his show than the overall amount of people who watch Keith's new show. "

Who the fuck cares? All that's an example of is that liberals don't like being yelled at and told what to think. Olberman is too shouty.
wow , only in your self deluded fantsy worlds is this crap stain of a write up even remotely news . you all simply wish for the fantasy of a beck free world because he fucks up your commie rat bastard agendas . first of he doesn't dress like a nazi , the picture shown is his book cover from "arguing with idiots "where he wears a russian uniform not a nazi one . second beck makes a point of defending isreal to the point of nausea . soros on the other hand is a minipulating billionaire piece of shit responsible by his own admisssion for destroying the economies of more than one country . the fact that he's a theiving schemin jew , like bernie madoff is only icing on the cake . soros who nearly entirely funds your favorite internet fish wrap the huffington post is not out to help the little guy as he puts on ,he's out working on his personal wealth and personal agendas . he don't even know you exist . you wank off at the thought of beck going off the air , but face it he's second in ratings only to oprah , and number one in news . theres no way he's going anywhere anytime soon . you can bitch and whine all you commies want but becks gonna laugh all the way to the bank while he exposes your weak bull shit . it took you progressives 100 years to get to where you were last year ,only to be shot down o so sweetly .try again in another hundred commies , if theres any of you left . BECK / PALIN 2012 FOR THE EPIC WIN ! suck on that bitches ! muahahahahaaaaaaa!
@15: If you're typing more frenetically than the responses of people you're trying to troll, you may be doing it wrong.
Mods, please ban whatsbeckgottadowithit for being such an obnoxious and interminable newfag. It's not the trolling I have a problem with; it's the low quality of the trolling.
@16: I second the vote.

This is hardly the most awful thing Beck has ever said. The only reason conservatives are bailing on him is because it's becoming vogue to do so. Like when they all bailed on Bush starting around the time of the recession.
@16 Yeah, @15 is bordering on fake troll. It must take so much energy to space out that punctuation.
So, Mr. Beck has outlived his usefulness to the Masters of the Universe. He will be awarded lovely parting gifts IF he goes quietly. If not he will be publicly humiliated so that the MotU can claim they knew all along he was a nutbag.

But who will replace him? The MotU won 2010 because he turned the crazy up to 11. How will they excite the teabagging crowd without going to 12?

This would all be very funny if the end result was not the total destruction of my country.