Breaking! Jews Not Responsible for Jesus's Death, Says Pope


So, the gays will be good to go by 4,011?
*That's* a relief!
More like 1,978 years.
@2 Is that right? My reaction to this was didn't the church already say this? I couldn't recall the date though.
And the crushing guilt at having killed their lord and savior had me almost ready to convert. Nearly everything is in position now, soon the worldwide Zionist Network will emerge from secrecy and we will show our power.
Oh thank God!! The guilt was destroying me.
@3, because christ was killed when he was 33, not a baby
Too bad they slaughtered all those millions for nothing.
So all those Spanish Jews could have kept both their yamulka's and their heads?
They already told us we weren't responsible as a people then and forever. Now he just says that the Temple leadership had Jesus killed, not all the people then. So they're kind of paring it down over time. A lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time.
I never understood why the Christians were mad at whoever killed their Lord and Savior, as it was the dying that saves them from their sins.
its 1965 second vatican council document "Nostra Aetate," said christ's death could not be attributed to jews as a whole at the time or today.
i was raised in the catholic church here in the seattle area and was never once taught or heard a single anti-semetic remark while growing up. i know that's only anecdotal, but i think it is some evidence that the mel gibson's of this world are either much older or just fringe people who have beliefs regardless of the religion of which they are a member (gibson, specifically, seems to disregard quite of few of the catholic church's doctrines). when we were taught about the crucifixion, it was completely nostra aetate, more like a history of some specific individuals. that, and considering jesus and the apostles were all jewish it's kind of a no-brainer.
i thought this, from the article, was also odd: Rosen said the pope's words might make a bigger, more lasting mark because the faithful tend to read Scripture and commentary more than church documents, particularly old church documents. in my experience -- just my experience mind you -- that catholics hold tradition as high if not higher than the scriptures. they belief the pope can speak infallibly, which puts modern proclamations on par with those found in the bible. it is the protestants/evangelicals/fundamentalists that hold to scriptures alone (minus some of the pentecostals).
eh. perhaps catholics are not as universal as the name would suggest. That said, it's a welcome gesture, an I hope it does make a difference in the minds of some, and in the atmosphere in general.
I knew the Romans did it! Vindicated!
It took them 400 some years to apologize for what they did to Galileo and nearly 2000 years for this. At this rate they might choose the first lesbian pope by the year 8970.
"... then god declared the jews his chosen people, and they lived happily ever after."
I'm glad they found a way to solve another continuity problem with that particular fairy tale. Now all we have left to sort out is why to the Original Series Klingons have smooth foreheads and TNG-and-beyond Klingons have ridges.
They won't choose a lesbian pope in 8970. They might choose a woman pope then but only someone who's guaranteed to be a virgin.
I know you mean well, In-frequent, but your never hearing an anti-Semitic remark when you were growing up is not evidence for anything, except for the fact that you're not Jewish.
It's funny how all this is presupposed on the idea that the historical Jesus actually existed, which unless Ratzi has uncovered a trove of amazing new primary sources, is still very much in doubt.

In related news, I have used canonical and audio-visual analyses to explain why there is no basis in Film to determine Anakin Skywalker is responsible for the murder of the youngling padawans at the Jedi Temple.
@15 I'm pretty sure the Klingons caught some sort of disease in Star Trek: Enterprise which turned their heads pointy. Scott Bakula saves the day again!
@19, Nope, it was a head smoothening disease, which lasted only a few generations.
@18 Don't we have the testimony of 2 Jedi who saw the security camera tapes of that event?
"While the Catholic Church has for five decades taught that Jews weren't collectively responsible,"

So this isn't really news. It's just the pope restating current teaching that goes back to the sixties.

Also, the RCC sees no conflict between the fact of evolution and the Bible, nor does it teach that the universe is 6k years old or that the earth is the center of that universe. There's a lot wrong with the RCC, nag them about those things would ya?

-signed, dropped out of the whole catholicism religion thing 35 years ago, but tired of old news.
@11, even if it's not mainstream in Catholicism, I've found anti-semitism and the blaming of all the Jews ever for killing Jesus seems to be going strong in various strains to Protestantism, if we're going by personal antidotes. I lived in a town with a very popular Megachurch that many of my classmates attended when I was in middle school. This church taught that the Jews killed Jesus, and you shouldn't be friends with anyone who refused to convert and join their church. I have a vaguely Jewish sounding last name. Guess what kind of horrible, shitty comments I got to hear?

I also have Lutheran relatives that had to leave the church because it seems like every other congregation has a pastor that likes his EVIL JEWS KILLED JESUS THEY ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH sermons. Oh anti-semitism: after all these years, you're *still* going strong!
#22 - seconded.
So Pope Benedict XVI has exonerated Jews for Jesus' death. What baffles me is not that pronouncement; what baffles me is why anyone with at least half a functional brain would care more than gnat excrement what any Pope has to say about anything.