Every Elected Official at City Hall Wants Pot Legalized


I have one letter for you: zed. If you didn't have brownies for breakfast, you'll see where it goes.. :)
Here's video of discussion of Resolution 31174, which set the 2010 state legislative agenda for the city. Under "Session Priorities, Law & Criminal Justice" the resolution states, "In addition, we support reclassifying possession of small amounts of marijuana from a misdemeanor to a civil infraction. We also support immunity from prosecution for illegal drug possession for persons who witness or experience drug overdoses and call for medical assistance."
Yes, of course. And I have a powerful craving for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Best poll results ever.
I'm in favor of calling it "cannabis". "Marijuana" is the scary foreign Mexican-sounding name they used to propagandize prohibition.
headline of the day!
Well, it's nice to see that Slog readers support marijuana legalization more than 111 to 1...
Time to form our own State.
What shocking results!

And by "shocking," I mean "predictable."

Call me cray, but this idea is so cray, it just might work! Cray, right?
Because the city can't overturn state law...

Technically, we CAN pass legislation removing any and all city-level enforcement. Why don't we?
It's coming. But grab the popcorn and watch THE CHILDREN!!! crowd go wild.
Legalize yes, regulate & tax, no. Or no more regulation than carrots or fava beans on Saturday at the Farmer's Market.

Regulated it becomes just another lobbyist political breaucratic clusterfuck.
I would be happy to pay high tax prices to be able to pick up a pack of cannabis cigs at the liquor store.
@9 ok, you're a Cray.

The best part of what @13 says is this cuts out all the middlemen and increases State Tax Revenues and Profits.
I think you accidently a word there
I'm waiting as patiently as I can for cannabis cupcakes with a mint-strawberry (that'd be a good combo, right?) frosting from Cupcake Royale.
@16 I'm waiting for Ronald McDoobie to push MJ instead of addictive caffeine-laden Mocha shakes and Lattes.
I don't think you can use 'cray' singularly. Proper usage would be "don't be cray cray." Otherwise you just look silly.

Burn it by the bushel and pump the smoke through the DBT vents.

@18, Something stuck in your craw?
@18 they get cray when they stand in line for a sweater signing by Wil Wheaton at ECCC - you have to cut them some slack.
And don't forget about decriminalizing hemp farming!
I am shocked, just shocked, that Stranger readers support the legalization of marijuana. Horrified might even be a better word for it. Yes. Horrified. F'reals. Horrified, yo. Just horrified.
This has got to be the most hilariously one-sided poll I've ever seen on the stranger.

Not that I didn't expect it, but it's still funny to see.
Decriminalization is not the same legalization. Parking in a metered zone without paying, driving 10 miles over the speed limit and not picking up your dog's shit are all illegal but those are not crimes. They're infractions, which means you need to pay but there's no criminal record, no potential of jail time, no jury trial, etc.

The quotes in this post from Harrell don't appear to support legalization but in fact decriminalization and even then only of possession of small amounts. It says nothing about large sales or grow operations. Also, nothing about federal law. None of this means "legal pot". It just means reducing penalties for personal possession so that they don't totally fuck up somebody's life.
Just emailed Frock re his out of touch opinion on legalization. david.frockt@leg.wa.gov

I just read in the Stranger that you are not in favor of legalizing marijuana. You represent Seattle! Every Seattle city council person is in favor of legalization. You are not representing your constituents! I am a member of Sensible WA, NORMAL, ACLU, Cannabis Defense Coalition. Our members are large, our voices are strong. We will get you voted out of office if you don't support this.