US Law Enforcement Gives Cartels 2,000 Guns


"...US federal agents allowed hundreds of guns to be smuggled into Mexico in the hope of tracking the weapons to drug cartel leaders..."

Most ridiculous and transparent justification attempt since Iran-Contra. The ATF was obviously hoping that cartel members would shoot each other on Mexican soil, and didn't give a shit about consequences to Mexican families or possible use of the weapons in the U.S. Did the ATF receive money for these weapons they "allowed" to be smuggled? Did they hope to use, or actually use, the money for their own programs?
ATF didn't receive any money, or actively participate in providing the guns. From what I can tell, all they did was sit by and take notes as guns were purchased in the US and then transported across the border to Mexico.
That's my understanding too, Eric.
@3, 4, thanks. The linked BBC article was vague. I've been off reading better sources. Looks like the ATF was tracking strongly suspected straw buyers to gather evidence, not moving arms themselves. There were endless bureaucratic delays in building cases (adding wiretap evidence and bringing charges), during which the program was kept going. An ATF administrator mocked agents objecting to the situation in a memo, suggesting that if they didn't think this was "fun," they should get a job with Maricopa County serving meals to inmates for $30,000/yr. Right-wing circle-jerks are blaming AG Eric Holder for knowledge and approval of the program. Still a goatfuck.
Can't verify it, but this is what CBS is reporting:

"Sources tell CBS News several gun shops wanted to stop the questionable sales, but ATF encouraged them to continue."…

Here's a link to a story that goes into a little more detail:…

Were the guns actually purchased illegally? And does removing them from the country violate US law? Did the ATF guys actually have probable cause to arrest the "suspected" gun-runners? 'cause if all ATF had was "suspicions," the best they could have done was tip off the Mexican border authorities that the guns were coming.

Now, the fact that they appear not to have tipped off the Mexican border authorities does seem pretty damning, though, doesn't it?
To answer your question Brendan, they just believe Mexican lives are worth less.
the answer is clear here . with out these gun sales they couldn't whine about guns being sold , and moved over the border.
dupont sold gun powder , not gun's .
but...but...but guns don't kill people...