FBI Arrests Suspect in Spokane MLK Day Bombing Attempt


Sure. Let's talk some more about "left wing violence". My gawd, what are we turning into?
"A source familiar with the investigation said the device was fueled by gunpowder or a similar commercial "low-explosive" surrounded by lead pellets and a white powder that has tested to be rat poison."

Hardly the "sophisticated" device they initially described. Low explosives aren't that powerful or effective at spreading shrapnel, and the rat poison trick doesn't actually work.

Glad they caught the guy.
So, what you're saying is this whole bomb plot was a construction created by the Powers That Be to reinforce the common culture story.
No, just that the guy was a dumbass and that the LEO widely quoted about the bomb had apparently never seen one before.
Not to go off topic, but what are they training at Ft. Lewis? A 'graduate' can't build a decent weapon and carry out a mission? If Ft. Lewis was a public school, the officers would be called useless and they'd need to show improvement or get taken over by the government...oh, wait...
He can't be a terrorist; he's not a Muslim. All Muslims are terrorists, and all terrorists are Muslim, right? That's what I heard. This guy is prolly a FREEDOM FIGHTER.
Fnarf for the No Burka For You, France win.
I'm SURE Peter King will discuss this in his anti-Muslim hearings, right? Right?