It Gets Better: Meshell Ndegeocello


I don't suppose your book tour will be coming to Canada?
The book is lovely. (Mine arrived today.?) I think I'm going to give it to a certain sweet girl who felt she had to return to the closet to achieve peace at home. I might see if I can get it signed when you come to town first, though.
What charity are the profits going to?
The Trevor Project and GLSEN are listed as the beneficiaries.
How did you get yours so early, Kim????
No idea. Pre-ordered it on 7, March from my local bookstore and it arrived today. It's a first edition, but it appears to have been touched or read before--indentations of fingers holding it open--not that I need it to be brand spanking new. Still strange, though.
You are charmed, or have better karma than most of us, clearly... :)
Hope your young friend likes it. I'm giving one to our high school, and one to the teen group where I volunteer, although I suspect it would be more helpful for kids who haven't already worked up the nerve to get to a weekly meeting...ah well, every little bit, right?
It does, Canuck. Never doubt it and keep lighting those candles to banish the dark.

Cheers, Kim! Expecting a full report when you go to your book signing! (I'll be there in spirit, I'll be the cold, donut-scented draught in the room...)
I've loved Meshell's music since I first heard it ... and now I love her even more. Heartbreaking ....
This book comes out on my birthday!
Yipee! I didn't realize there was a book signing at Powell's!

It's a weird feeling to go to events of this nature because of maybe some of the people around me are slog commenters, but I'll never know...
@12 If there's naked woman playing a Stratocaster in heels, that'd be Kim... ;)
6 you should probably check it carefully for santorum stains.....