Way to Go, Stephen King


ummmm... video mix-up!
That was awesome!
Love it when King said maybe his next horror novel should feature FL gov. Rick Scott.

There's one common thread between Scott in Florida and Walker in Wisconsin. They both campaigned on rejecting high-speed rail money, on account of the states possibly being on the hook for the relatively modest operating expenses. Never mind that those operating expenses would be more than made up for by the economic development generated.

Here's the thing. The Walkers and Scotts don't want anything that benefits their states if those benefits skew more towards Democratic interests than Republican interests. It's party first, state second.

This sort of madness should have been enough of a warning to the voters of WI and FL that these candidates didn't have their states' best interests in mind. Scott Walker may never have made arbitrary union-busting part of his campaign, but based on his campaign, it shouldn't have come as a surprise.
I didn't think it was possible to love Stephen King more, but I do.
Fuck it SK, why stop at 50%? What are you, an elitist or something? I say we take it all! What a bullshit artist.