Rally in Westlake to Show Solidarity with Wisconsin


These types of things always struck me as a waste of time or ideological circlejerk at best.
So the republicans got elected and did what they said they were going to do. Yeah, it sucks. But how the hell is that an undemocratic coup?

@1 no, that would be the incumbent Republicants and their Texan masters trying to export US jobs overseas to their Red Chinese comrades.

@2 there are laws they broke in so doing.
@3 What laws?
#2 beat me to it. I hate Republicans as much as anyone, maybe even more given that I grew up around those fucks, and not the ignorant teabagger types, I'm talking about the "fiscally responsible," corporate welfare fucks. But the Republicans won fair and square and followed the law to get what they want. Wisconites just learned a painful lesson about what Republicans really are.

*Wisconsinites* I knew that didn't look right.
Watch the WI assembly debate and voting live:
Very funny that you are labeling this rally that is being organized by an overt union organization as being grassroots. At least your previous post conceded that unions are equally as evil as Koch and corporatism.

A) The Republicans did not run on stripping public employees of their right to organize.

B) The parliamentary maneuver they used last night was arguably illegal and unconstitutional. It violated open meetings laws, violated rules requiring sufficient notice, and violated the constitutional requirement for a quorum on fiscal bills. So yeah... when lawmakers blatantly ignore the law, that's a bit of coup.
Much as I don't like the (probable) outcome of what's going on in WI, I have to wonder why they bothered electing an ass-load of Republicans if this is so upsetting to them? Next they'll be pissed to find out that taxes are going to be lowered for corporations and the rich, and that social services are going to be cut.
I've said this dozens of times in the past month: anyone who thinks democracy begins and ends with voting is as much of a threat to democracy as the tyrants. "You fucked up; shut up and take it" is a ridiculous policy of governing.

These people continue to represent the public even after getting elected. They all seem to forget that unless it's an election year. Hope the thousands upon thousands of screaming protesters can remind them.
Rallies are a waste of time? How about Tarhir Square? How about Tunisia? Did rallies and marches not bring us Civil Rights laws etc.? Instant gratification is not a politically effective strategy. It takes a long term sustained movement, including rallies, marches, pickets, occupations and strikes to win real changes. Cynicism which breeds apathy is the biggest gift we can give the people at the top who are trying to slash our living and working conditions. Take a side! Workers in Wisconsin are fighting for all of us! Join them ! Support them! Solidarity!
@ Goldy,

Regardless of the obvious, submoronic lies that the Republicans ran on, they were duly elected and they are carrying out the proverbial "will of the people" of Wis-CON-sin.

If gawdam, sadistic, dumbfuck, hate-crazed, right-wing US AmeriKKKans vote to "push the button on their own destruction," to borrow a phrase, then that's their choice. But we can't claim that this situation is undemocratic.

The bigger story is that the billionaire kleptomaniacs who orchestrated the biggest swindle in human history are now seen as HEROES OF CAPITALISM, having successfully managed to make teachers, fire fighters, children, the sick and the poor into the villains.
"solidarity" + "rally" + Westlake = unemployable losers
@14 no, that's the inevitable Koch-funded counter protest.
Oh come on gang!! This will be as effective as all those anti-war protests from a few years ago. I mean those brought both wars to an abrupt end right?
What's this? the people that work for the state are at odds with the people elected to run the state? It seems the state is beginning to eat itself *grabs popcorn*
Will be there, bus drops me off in the tunnels 10 minutes prior to this event.

@16 ". I mean those brought both wars to an abrupt end right? "

No it was the pointless loss of life, in addition to the protests (some peaceful, some violent), that brough it to an end. All that propaganda bout how we need to stop the spread of communism, was indeed total BS because just as long as we can make money off communism, its ok. All those soldiers died for no reason.
The cynicism in these comments is really sad. And after the rallies in WI have had such a huge impact -- Walker's sinking pole numbers, recall measures starting up across the state, putting labor issues in the forefront of the news -- I don't get where the cynicism is coming from.
(poll numbers, not pole haha)

A) If anyone in the state is shocked that the Republicans were going to make a move against the unions they weren't paying attention.

B) You might be right on the open meeting rules, but declaring certain items non fiscal in order to pass the measures was about as illegal as denying a quorum by fleeing the state.
@20 shh, we're not supposed to talk about his male interns ...
@21 B - you do know that Abraham Lincoln escaped out of the window of the Illinois Legislature to deny a quorum by fleeing, don't you?

Don't complain when others do what you do.

Lying to get into office is neither undemocratic nor a coup. It's practically the American way.
@21 - paying attention to WHAT, the clairvoyant voices in their heads? Please link to public statements Walker made pre-election that indicated that he was out to bust unions, or even that this would be the 2011 Republican strategy.

I, too, have little sympathy for any middle class stupid enough to vote Republican, but I can't find anything that foretold this action.
@23 uh, I think you missed my point entirely.
@25 Who needs statements when you could just read the guys biography...If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, etc.

What the fuck is wrong with you cynics? Pissed that it took the people of Wisconsin this long to wake up? ME FUCKING TOO. But they fucking woke up! You want them to hit the snooze button on standing up for the middleclass just because they were late to class? Ya'll are fucking retarded. Assuming you're not a billionaire, these people are on YOUR SIDE NOW.
@ 28: Perfectly articulated - thank you!
Seattle is full of Big Thinkers with easily injured egos: Unless a Seattleite thought it up him or her self, they want nothing to do with it, because then it's just dumb.

And there's a suprising amount of sheep in this thread. Apparently, we're just supposed to roll over when the government does something we don't like? How banal is that?
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