Brief Chat With a Friend in Nagoya, Japan


Thanks, Grant, for making me think "better at the desk than under it," and then feeling guilty because this earthquake/tsunami is so horrifying and it's nothing to joke about...starting the day with sadness and guilt...
Just got an email from a friend in Sapporo on the northern island of Hokkaido, a few hundred miles from the epicenter. He said after three aftershocks, he went home to be with his kids. For a sense of scale, that'd be like an earthquake in Seattle being strong enough to shake you in Spokane.
Thanks for the update. There are reports of 300 dead just in Sendai. This was a bad one.
Checked in with my cousin on Facebook this am. She's at a navy base near Tokyo. One of her kids was at a school on a different base. All ok, lots of shaking, but I think her kid's stuck at the other base for now.
Two of my friends were on their way to Hong Kong and had a connection in Japan, I believe Tokyo, just before the quake. I think everyone stranded at the airport has been taken to a military base for safety- at least they were.
I lived in Naka-cho (between Nagoya and Gifu) for many seemed the earthquakes were daily and you do develop a false sense of security because they are usually non destructive "rock and rollers"...My heart and prayers go out to to my friends, family and the beautiful people and spirit that is tears will not stop falling until you are whole again...Heaven's choicest blessing be with you for comfort.
Thanks Grant! I have several friends teaching English in Tokyo & one on a business trip-- I forwarded it to him. :D
I am at an African restaurant in Portland waiting to play upright bass in a jazz trio headed by pianist who is from Nagoya. Very relieved that his home town was spared--thanks for this info.
I am trying to search for family in Nagoya, Japan. Is there someone that you can put me in touch with. I am in the United States and unable to contact them via phone. If someone can help, please let me know.
Hello Mr. Stokley, We are trying to locate a woman who worked for us in 1952. We were stationed in Matsushima Army base in Yamoto, Japan. She moved to Nagoya in 1953 when she was married. Her married name is Tomio Oi & we wondered if you could suggest the best way to locate her.
Thank you for your help with this, it means a lot to our family.