Will Radioactive Particles from the Leaking Reactor Reach Washington State?


You should also consult someone from Weather Underground (a radical group) to see if the radiation cloud will overthrow the US government.
I'm making bingo card filled with all these predictions of things that experts told us would never happen.
This Weather Report predicts Heavy Weather in Teen Town.
We need some of Charlie Sheen's tiger/Adonis Blood then the radiation won't hurt us at all and we'd be winning!

Apparently there is a run on Iodine in the US as people panic. I-131 is one of the major fission products of a nuclear reactor and could potential get taken up in the thyroid...but it decays in a few days. If you're really that worried, salt your food a little extra hard.

I don't think we can compare Chernobyl here. It's much worse especially for the Pacific Northwest.

The rain basically dumps the whole load on the coast once it wafts across the whole pacific.
That last line in the top of the post should read "yes-but, not in detectable quantities."

Regarding the bottom of the post; did you really need a computer model to know that radioactive particles will spread over Japan and the Pacific?
But Cliff Mass says it'll miss us. Isn't he the go-to source for all things PNW weather related?