The Wonder Computer of the 1980s


I wonder what it sells for these days?

A Commodore Vic-20 was my first computer. I tossed it as soon as the Commodore 64 came out.

*sigh* I'm old.
Commodore's Amiga (also from the 80's) kicked the living crap out of all the others, and was still cheap. Took years for PCs to better the video capabilities. Brilliant engineering went into that marvel. Seriously.
My first computer was Dr. NIM.
@3 yeah...the Amiga was way ahead of its time! But don't forget the Atari ST series, too. My roommate had the MagicSack emulator mod cart for his so we could run it as a MacPlus. With an old 2600 joystick instead of a mouse.

And how about first-person-shooter multi-player MIDI-protocol network games? The only drag was translating the German manual.

Oh crap, I just outed myself.
i had forgetten these, we had gambled wrong and gotten the odessey cause it had a key board . three weeks later the dog ate the controller wires , and put it out of action . my dad never bought another computer , i had to build a timex sinclair from a kit to get one . o the marvel of the 16k memory modual was something to behold . god , i'm old too aren't i ?
I'm annoyed that it cost less than an iPad does. I'm used to looking at how much cheaper macs are (no more $4000 systems) and thinking of computers as significantly cheaper nowadays.