Rob McKenna Is a Dick


The very non average interests, big corporations and selfish rich people, that the current tax system favors do not need to travel to Olympia they have many payed lobyists and and bought legislators to do that.
McKenna is an emberassment to transgendered people everywhere.
Like Carl said, would the Attorney General or the Seattle Times please elucidate the "correct" ways we can protest or show any sort of dissatisfaction with government?

Picket Fairview Fanny with Joni Balter masks and stuffed dogs?
I wonder what he thinks of all those Jesus-lovin' homeschoolers that came down to Olympia to thrash the legislators into thinking that women don't need truthful and accurate medical/pregnancy care at clinics around the state.
You'll notice that the McKenna supporters are using socialized mass public transit to get there.

I notice all those McKenna supporters are riding socialized mass transit to the rally (the Bellevue Transit Center is in the foreground).

"People who have time to actively participate in the legislative process are all complete losers," McKenna went on to say, before adding "Except you, of course! You're all just super."
Nah, you're right. He's a dick.
Pretty funny that a Tax Day rally is being held in Bellevue where so many wealthy people live who use loopholes not to pay any tax at all. I'm sure all the people who live at The Bravern were down there on the street.
standard GOP ad hominem.
I always picture McKenna with a big ol' tampon dangling from his forehead...

Don't know why.......
I was at the rally. I took three days of leave that I had accumulated over a long period of time. I drove over from Spokane. I visited my father, who is ill, in Gig Harbor. Then I visited my son who attends Evergreen State College (tuition and room and board paid by me and his mother). On Friday I attended the massive rally. I wanted to attend the Wednesday rally by community organizations like Spokane's VOICES because -- though I am a state employee -- I value the struggle and the integrity of the poor and disenfranchised in this struggle more than I do public employees. But I can assure you, the vast majority of the 13,000 some taxpayers and voters gathered at the capitol on Friday were working people. As to the comment about lobbyists, I remember when my son came home after being a page to the Washington state legislature. His most powerful image was that of the lobbyists slobbering on and baying at the chamber doors before and after every vote. He considered it disgusting. David Brookbank