I was looking for an alternative to H&R Block, but there's no way I'm letting these guys be in charge of my taxes.
Even better, there's a fat black guy at 23rd and Yesler who wears the same outfit while talking on his bluetooth phone. Makes me want to sign right up ...
Liberty Tax has been doing this for years. This is the first time you've seen it?
They should have used a pic of this guy as the new stamp for the post office.
Another fine addition to the franchises and chains that have come to characterize Broadway. In this photo we see Liberty Tax (3,500 offices), Rite Aid (4,701 stores), Subway (34,000 stores). I know, I know, little unique local retailers still survive here and there with the rents they get charged on this street. I just need some more coffee.

(P.S. Kind of sweet that you've managed in a week to post photos from Spain and now from kitty corner to your apartment building.)
Most humiliating temp job ever.
If you parse that sentence differently than intended you get ... "Statue of Liberty Holding a Starbucks Coffee"

Capitalism at its best!

"As a Torch Will Prepare Your Taxes"

Certainly not reflective of the rich people this year.
I'm Waiting for the Man doesn't seem quite so sexy when faced with the reality of earning one's $26.
I'd love to know the hiring process for these people, because I have seen some of the scariest people ever in these outfits. It might be a work-release thing from prison.
Every year this happens, someone who cant hold a job is given the job of wearing that costume for 6-8 hours leading up to tax day. Lived 1/2 block from that street corner (8 years?) and that costume could probably use a wash.
I've seen 4 of those in and around southern California in the last 2 weeks. Sadly, they are out of a job come Monday.

I was wondering where my comment went. I must have posted it to the link below this but I don't really know how that could have happened. I've really been screwing up a lot more than usual lately.

Aw, my old neighborhood!
Hmm... is that a Grand Theft Auto 4 reference?…

Can she deduct the $5.25 trente as a business expense?
The Statue of Liberty brought my office Krispy Kremes one time.
One of these people got hit by a car near me recently. Cheap blueish-green crush velvet with bright red blood on it is now sort of my immediate mental image of the entire recession.

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