And Then There Were Four (in Wisconsin)


how many more to go?
Curb your enthusiasm. Recall petitions in Washington require some kind of "bad act" or other sort of rule-breaking
My favorite line from that story is the last one:

Republicans are targeting Democrats for recall, but have not yet filed any signatures.

If anything indicates how much GOP overreaching has brought the Dems back from the dead, this is it.
I wouldn't start celebrating just yet. I mean, just because the GOP incumbents are being recalled, it doesn't automatically follow that WI voters with elect Dems in their stead.

After all, they voted these schmucks in in the first place; who's to say the won't end up replacing them with another set of GOP schumcks?
@ 4, it's a lot less likely that that will happen. If it should, the new schmucks won't try any union-busting or other overreaching moves, and most likely the safe Republicans won't either.