Pre-Pay for Morning Parking Before Partying All Night


Wow. This is a pretty awesome idea, as in it seems like it might have a real effect on people choosing to leave their cars. Nice work, Seattle.
This is great. Fewer drunk drivers on the road is better for everyone.
Nice work from Mayor McGinn. A fresh idea, approved by many people, actually implemented by a department. Hope to see more if this. (same for the noise rules). Nice to see Seattle actually work once in a while.
Excellent! The lack of overnight parking has caused some headache in the past - now just my hangovers will.
@Cienna, fourth paragraph bolding: I think you mean "late-night taxi zones." Though another revenue-enhancement possibility aimed at well-heeled revelers does come to mind.
Strike "pick up" and replace with "find".
Kudos, and more Kudos, to the McGinn team for this and everything else they're working on with the nightlife initiative.

It's also a relief to see that even while our city leadership struggles with the controversies of the tunnel and the bad behavior of our many Officer Haskells, that they are still able to get things done on other fronts.
Fantastic, way overdue idea. But why only two hours? I guess that's the max amount of time you can pay on most meters, but it would still be nice to do a four hour (or hell, all day) pre-pay.
wait- I thought they started ticketing cars left in pay parking zones at 7...?
Awesome idea.
why don't they just take transit? or ride a bike - parking for that is free.
That is pretty awesome.
@5,6, I approve of both changes. Thanks!
Very smart idea. Who the heck came up with it? My guess is not a city council member.
James Keblas in the Mayor's office of Film and Music came up with it originally...the Mayor and his staff, and then SDOT made it happen.
And even as someone who doesn't drive to go out in the city, the taxi zone idea is really solid. I've been quick to criticize the McGinn administration, but let me be equally quick to give praise where it's due: kudos to all of them for these sensible, needed programs.
Pre-pay for the next morning is a fantastic idea ...and may well curb some drunk driving arrests.

Good for the City of Seattle!
"why don't they just take transit? or ride a bike - parking for that is free. "

For one, people usually go out with friends and the chances are low that everyone in the group rides a bike.
@18 You don't have to answer him- he's just a solid example of why you should never ride your bike without a helmet.
So we're finally catching up to San Francisco, which has been doing this for at least six years, maybe longer.


Nope. 8. It's always been 8, but free limited parking (1 or 2 hours) starts at 7 a.m.


Because one of the points of the meter is to keep parking spaces free. If you give people the option of parking on the street for $2/hour all day, they'll park there all day.
Great news! The taxi zones especially, it's easy to hail a cab in Belltown, Downtown and Capitol Hill, not so much in the U-District and Ballard. Now if they could only get the buses to do a 2am run out to the neighborhoods so we can watch the last band and not have to grab an expensive taxi home.
I don't get it. Why aren't the same people who scream at Goldy about privatizing liquor more vociferous about all-night bars? Unless you want to sit home drinking, weeping and masturbating as opposed to venturing out into the cold, dark night.
This is what a pragmatic approach looks like. Next can we extend LINK service so we have a 2:30am train, too?

They are. Sorry you haven't been paying attention.
25 comments and none of them are really negative. How awesome. We're really stoked to have this implemented. It's been worked on for a bit and we're really happy to see it go into effect and to get a positive response. Please spread this article around so everybody sees it and then if needed, will use it.
Added Bonus: Once you're lit, riding your bike goes from fun to *really* fun!
Really glad to see this go into effect. Very smart and beneficial to all, not just drunks. Good job Keblas, I know this came from you.