Kemper Freeman Solves Region's Traffic Problem


....and they are highly fuel efficient as well.
Oh, look, the helipad is across the street from the condo/hotel tower he built, where he and his wife Betty live in number 3904. How handy!
Plus, they can carry up to a half-dozen passengers (depending on type), so they're totally the MASS TRANSIT SOLUTION FOR TEH FUTURE!

(Oh, and I suppose the ability to mount .50-cal. machine guns and rocket pods in various locations goes without saying...)
They also make great targets for skeet shooting with wire spool bobbins.
@4 ha! And I just realized - though Freeman's residential towers are posh, isn't that technically promoting the kind of density we like to claim to prefer over more Eastside sprawl? Even if it's due to an odious pecksniff like him? I don't like that it may be so, but it may be so....
@4 - you win one free internet!

Here's your jetpack.

New Zealand's Martin Aircraft said that its Martin Jetpack--which has a 200-horsepower piston gasoline engine that powers a couple of ducted fans--remained aloft for more than seven minutes in its latest test. That may not be enough time to get you to the store and back, but it represents a record.

A man on the ground flew the Martin Jetpack by radio control; a weighted dummy, "Jetson," served as the pilot. No mention yet on an updated timetable for putting a human through a rigorous series of test runs, though the company has previously said that it's on track to do just that sometime in the current quarter.…

No need to thank me. Dude.

Poor people could afford helicopters too if only they weren't so lazy.
Poor Kemper. Dementia is bad enough without the people who stand to profit from your demise enabling it.
Why does he need a helicoptor? Isn't HIS city CAR FRIENDLY?