UW Prof: Gregoire Has "No Legitimate Reason" to Veto Medical Pot Bill


Spitzer's a bit more than just "well-regarded". He's someone the governor respects a great deal. I hope his letter, from someone she's found genuinely helpful for years, hits home in a way all our blog fire so far has not.
Spitzer is top of his field.

Maybe he'll get the Governator to grow some stones and stand up for us, not the Back East Nanny Staters.
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As long as we have a Republican in the governor's office, why are we wasting so much effort trying to push through a marijuana law? Better to spend the resources replacing Gregoire and then pass progressive legislation that the governor will sign.
The voters approved medical pot. Now we need to fine tune the law. That's what this does. I can't help but think she is more concerned with her own political future than the state's. That would be disappointing.
Gregoire, sadly, is a Democrat. But one who needs to be voted out. Why should one person be able to stifle progress?
This is as much Obama's fault as anyone's.

Washington state ended Prohibition before the 21st amendment? My head is exploding. Spitzer hits the nail right on the head:

"The animating principle for FEDERALISM is respect for states' ability to tailor social experiments to their communities, so long as they don't violate the threshold protections of the Bill of Rights."
sign the damned bill chris!!
Both Obama and Gregoire are stuck in the 70s.

News flash - it's the 21st Century and it's time to end the War on MJ already.