Governor Walker Ain't Too Bright


Recall Walker.
State employees should award Walker a Foot Up the Ass trophy.
At some point, Walker will go from douche to XANADOUCHE!
@4 Comment to be pulled in 3 2 1......

Do you believe in marriage equality for bipolar women who are left handed? (Um. Not that I'm talking about myself. I just made that up.)

Underage girls forced into prostitution and polygamy is really funny.....

Social Justice and protecting the helpless are distractions we just can't deal with.

Oh Scotty... what a D-Bag... i can't wait to Recall you next year... you make up the absolute WORST of my beloved WI...
My favorite comment:

"I would like to nominate the 14 democratic state senators who did their very best to prevent his fascist agenda..."
I know I shouldn't feed the trolls but I'm honestly curious.

@4, what is your fixation on this issue? Fixation to the point that I thought you were just an autospammer for a while but then you actually expanded on your 1 line posts. I don't think I've seen a SLOG post that didn't have this same polygamy question in it in weeks. Are you just another anti-gay hater who's dying to say "SEE? SEE? gay marriage is just the first step any polygamy is all part of the gay agenda!" or are you an underground polygamist who wants Dan's support? I'm really curious. Please enlighten me.
RTMFA. Recall That Mother Fucker Already.
Scott Walker shows a Trumpian ignorance of what people actually think of him. He may as well have said, "Let them eat cake."

Self-awareness FAIL.
4, You've been spoon fed Dan's views on polygamy, being that you couldn't figure out the Google for yourself. Is it that Dan won't say, "How high?", when you command, "Jump!" that's got you all red faced, and angry?

You really need to seek mental help for your obsessive compulsive behavior.

Poor Rebecca Black. There she was, guaranteed to win the "Worst YouTube Video of the Year" award, and then along comes Walker.
That's a weird video. Walker's zombie eyes don't quite focus on anything. His controllers made him do it, probably against his will.
Sit up straight, Scott!
I have a sense that Walker cares as much about public employees as the Period Hive Mind cares about women forced into polygamy or prostitution.
We're nominating the Democrat senators who left the state to prevent passage of the union-busting bill. This keeps getting funnier and funnier. I'm not sure what happened to the Republican propaganda machine, but they've been doing really badly with PR and information control and discursive framing lately.
Unfortunately, it looks like Dan supports posting rights for even the most tedious and repetitive trolls.
@15 wins this round
RTMFA. i like it.
Period Troll:
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Wow. What an epic case of cluelessness.

Politicians that don't understand the intertubes probably shouldn't play here. They'll only get burned.
Tee-hee-hee! [claps hands with girlish delight]
@7 Don't conflate two issues. Underage girls get forced into monogamy all the time. Underage girls being forced into any marital structure is wrong. Key word - force. Second issue, having sex with underage people.

Polygamy does not inherently imply marrying someone without their consent nor marrying anyone who is underage.

Every single marital structure that has existed has been used to abuse women. This is likely because every single one has existed within a framework of misogyny in at least some culture for some period of time. It is the framework of misogyny that causes abuse and misuse of women. Although sometimes you also get frameworks that allow the abuse of boys, which is not any better.

Do you believe we should allow monogamous marriages, when many of them have involved rape and coercion? Or, perhaps, do you just believe we should have protections against rape and coercion?

Anyhow, it is absolutely and totally okay for people to joke about polygamy, polygyny, polyandry, or monogamy. Since none of them inherently imply rape or coercion.
My sweet mom, who's position as a "class grandma" at the local elementary school may be eliminated because of this jerk, raised me not to use the word hate. but every time I see Scott Walker's smug face I want to give him such a slap! Mom loves her job helping kids learn to read. But at $2.56 an hour, (plus a free lunch!) she's obviously going to bankrupt the country any day now.
I'm pretty sure this is just a plot for Scott Walker and the Wisconsin Republicans to trick a public employee into coming to an event and dump pig blood on them.
Whee, you can comment on and dislike all of his videos. His PR team is the tops!