Lovable Local Cop Tells Other Cops How to Be More Lovable


This is nice. Like the wife-beater who brings home flowers once a month.
@1 DOUG., that's not very nice. It's more like a wife-beater with a case of multiple personality disorder.
Sometimes, bolding words or phrases in SLOG items can be useful, comprehension-wise. Other times, it's just baffling.

Let's each do our part to help end "bold abuse" by pointing out nonsensical examples and turning them into links in hope of shaming the perps. I'll start with an easy one.
A typical day for Gracy's team? Driving cold-weather vans around to hand out food, socks, and free rides to shelters.
Some of us don't have negative images of the SPD, but then again, we're also not habitual criminals.
It's amazing what kind of community outreach is possible when you're not sending these guys into classrooms for DARE programs and their zero tolerance, family-busting BS.
@1, @2: if you disregard this kind of cop behavior, you're only going to encourage more and more of the other.
Nice post Cienna. I have had the pleasure of interacting with Gracy at community meetings. He is one of the good guys for sure.
According to that crazy guy at lbloom.net, Gracy made $160k in 2009. As a police sergeant. For that much money I'd be affable, too.
I have had several interactions with Gracy- he really is great. I actually could not believe his responsiveness when I emailed the department after being fed up with being menaced by drug dealers every night on my walk home down yesler. He called repeatedly to talk about my complaint and let me know what the department was doing and thank me for writing. And within a month the dealers had moved locations. Not that the problem has been solved in a real way, but the responsiveness was quite amazing.
@8, Point.
Gracy is a flim flam man.... a ass kisser who lied on a fellow sergeant in circa 2000 to further his own stake... a lie which cost that sergeant his stripes.. that sergeant went through hell and back until civil service righted the wrong done by Gracy's lies giving the distinguished sergeant back his stripes... plus back pay. #8 points out Gracy made $160K in '09..... done by padding his hours with scam OT.... most times during the day you can find Gracy's city car parked in front of his Magnolia home..... Gracy should be investigated by the OPA.....
@9: That's really amazing to hear. Yay for the good guys!