Enfield Says She Wasn't Pressured Into Reversing Decision to Fire Ingraham Principal; Promises More Transparency



And a certain ex-columnist from the Times won the straw poll for her seat at the 43rd last nite too.

So she's starting off her project of making the process more transparent by making the process less transparent. Uh-huh.

If she could come out with a statement written in clear English giving the reasons why Floe was let go in the first place, I might believe her. But I haven't heard her say anything in clear English yet.
The actual Ingraham community is very glad that Dr. Enfield was willing to re-think her original decision, to hear the input provided, and ultimately to show real leadership by being willing to reverse course. Dr. Enfield has a lot of friends these days among those of us that wear Ram blue and gray.
"Principals are going to be working with teachers to improve student performance."

To Bad the Superintendent and the central administration have had no clue about how to improve student performance.... check the last four years for the data.
"Floe will be on probation for the 2011-2012 school year."

Now if we can put the School Board members and the Central Administrators on probation ... things might get moving in the correct direction.