Meet the Seattle Police Officer Whose Endangered Chess Club (and Tears) Stole the Show at Today's Patty Murray Event


Awesome story!!

There HAS TO BE a way to keep the doors of that Chess Club open......

Looking forward to the donation info tomorrow!
She's hot.
This shouldn't be a one-off thing, or the same issue will crop up next year. I don't know what's best for this sort of thing ( comes to mind? or maybe some bit of city funding/grant money?) but whatever is chosen should have the characteristic that we won't have to put her through this next year.
regarding response 1: appropriate

regarding response 2: when are you guys going to ban WIS? as usual, he has nothing to offer.
I love Officer Cookie, and I love the chess club, but it makes me sad that the only way to fund good programs is to have a charismatic speaker make an appeal at a meeting like this.
Make sure you give some contact info too for people who don't like donating cash but maybe have some extra time and played hella chess as a kid.
I think a Friends of Officer Cookie non-profit needs to get started to keep this program permanently afoot.

I have tears in my eyes just reading this. Six grand is nothing. Hey, maybe a local church wants to sponsor her?
My heart grows three sizes... Never think a small group of people can't change the world. It's the only thing that ever has.

Side note: Who thinks Seattle has a great candidate for SPOG President once O'Neil's sorry reign comes to an end? An eloquent, empathetic, intelligent woman of color... yes, please!
@8 for the Epic Win
I anxiously await information on how to donate to this worthy cause.
That program won't die on my watch. Hold on, Cookie, help is on the way.
Do a double good. Donate and find a mentoring program where you can volunteer and be the positive adult in a kid's life. It makes all the difference.
Detective Cookie your season has come and god know your heart. Many of us are afraid to walk in our purpose and you are truly a blessing to the kids of Seattle. You will be bless with the funding you need to run the chess club for years to come. I'm speaking it for you and it will be received because it's God working through you for kids.

Continue to be blessed... Oh yea, when I grow up I want to be just like you...LOL

Danielle J
(To people who may read this post and ask: How can I donate to Cookie's chess club? Check back on Slog tomorrow, when I'll have a thorough answer.)

It would be very helpful if there is a paypal account too.
Hi, this is Det. Cookie. I want to thank all who wrote such kind remarks. I would love to have you visit my Chess Club (Det. Cookie's Urban Youth Chess Club). We meet on Saturday's from 12 noon until 2pm at the Rainier Beach Library and on Weds 4:30 pm at the Rainier Vista Boys and Girls Club. The youth love to play visitors and I would love for you to visit and be our guest. At times I've had 66 youth show up on a Saturday to play chess. For the past year, on my day off. I've continued to have chess even though we had run out of funding. I've tried to keep it going even though my paid chess pro no longer participated. I love my volunteers, but for various reason they wouldn't show up. (Good weather, family time, other commitments to name a few). Volunteers would usually come a few times and realize they would rather have their Saturdays doing other things. No hard feelings, I understand. My heart is more into giving the youth a reason not to handout or getting recruited to participate in crimes. During my chess club I also do anti-violence presentations. For approx a year I've tried to find a way to tell the kids we can't have chess anymore, but I couldn't. These kids feel so peaceful when playing chess. They look forward to playing and learning chess. Some of the kids have even told me they want to be like me, a police officer. Now that my chess club might come to an end, I truly feel I have let my kids down. These youth don't ask for much. To them it's like a reward to play chess. Most are kids that others have given up on. I have some youth who are now in college. I have some who have lost their parents and grandma and grandpa bring them to chess. I've had as many as 66 kids show up on a Saturday for chess. Its very hard for me to handle the number of youth by myself and be able to give them quality t
ime. My dream is to have funding to get through the Summer, get our chess T-shirts, get the youth chess boards they can take home, have a chess tournament and better yet to have enough funding to continue throughout the year. I use to be one of these kids as I grew up in the Chicago Projects. Because of regular people as role models, I was able to refuse being recruited to sell drugs, to do drugs and prostitution. I know what peer pressure is like, I also know what's its like to have a role model or somebody who cares, if only just a little bit. Well I've going on way to long. Feel free to google Officer Cookie or Detective Cookie for additional info. Tax deductible donations can be made on behalf of Detective "Cookie's" Urban Youth Chess Club through the Seattle Neighborhood Group, website; Thanks
fuck patty, i'm voting cookie.
With all the abysmal press the SPD has been receiving since, well, as long as I can remember, the fact that this remarkable woman isn't the poster child for all that's right about the SPD is mind boggling. Hello? It's a little thing called Marketing 101.
Great job, Denise! I'm very proud to be your sister! I will help you in any way I can, too! I'm forwarding this email story to everyone...look for the donations to come rolling in!! Love you!

~ Michelle
Det. Cookie should e-mail U.S. Chess Trust at bduscf@aol (dot) com and might be able to get some chess sets and boards for her program.

Russell Miller
Vancouver WA (site of the US Open Chess Tournament in 2012)
It is a breath of fresh air to see and know that there are still good people out here continuing to make a difference in other people's lives. Denise was one of my role models from the city of Chicago projects many years ago and it is because of her that I was determined to make something out of my life. Your time spent with me was not in vain! Keep up the good work and I look forward to donating towards a worthy cause!
Dorcedia Watkins-Farley