West Seattle Dems: They Want the Tunnel, Familar Faces on the City Council


Their endorsements typically mean nothing to the average voter, but they're great for fundraising
Steve Sundquist is not the most popular guy in West Seattle. If someone else joined the race, I'd wonder if he could make it out of the primary.
Think it should be noted that Harrell won with 89.5% of the vote in a "contested" race.
Finally, an acknowledgement from the SLOG that West Seattle residents actually use the viaduct. We're the largest neighborhood in Seattle and Hwy 99 is our lifeline to downtown and points northward. It's no surprise that there is overwhelming support for the tunnel from the district.
It's a shocker that party politicos respect a political process that has led to an actual conclusion and not endless re-hash, FUD, and hand wringing? *guffaw*
If there was no viaduct or tunnel it would take more than 10 or 15 minutes to drive downtown from West Seattle. 20-30 minutes, about the same time as it takes drivers from Wallingford, U-District, CD, Madrona, or Mount Baker to get downtown. West Seattlites must drive their own cars the same time every day with no flexibility. They cannot ride the buses that leave the Junctions every 10 minutes during rush hour and have special lanes over the bridge. There might be people from White Center*, High Point*, or the nice new apartments along Calif. Ave on the bus. Did you know after the 2001 earthquake and more recent winter blizzards, it took more than an hour to drive between downtown and West Seattle? It was really too much to ask them to make other travel plans during a major disaster or weather event. We must have the tunnel/viaduct or people in West Seattle will have to wake up 20 minutes earlier! Tragic.

*Nevermind that they have direct buses to/from downtown and wouldn't go through the Junctions.
#6 Yes, isn't it shocking that people would actually vote for their own interests? The nerve!
@4 you do realize this will mean West Seattle commutes are going to be 20 minutes longer if we build the DBT, right?
@4 another tunnel dittohead talking about access to downtown.


any statement about west seattle and downtown has NOTHING to do with the tunnel, unless your taking it to mercer and doubling back, its about the stupidest point you can try and make about why we need a tunnel.

Again, every person I hear talk about being pro tunnel seems to know nothing about it.

I have a number of friends who live in West Seattle and thus visit them regularly (including during the many years that I didn't own a car). The bus situation to/from West Seattle is a fucking joke. Even not taking into account how much Metro under-serves West Seattle, buses still get stuck in traffic just like cars, and the commute over the bridge is a tiny fraction of the time it takes to get anywhere to/from West Seattle by bus. Lastly, the ONLY reliable, halfway decent bus service from West Seattle uses the VIADUCT.

You don't know what you're talking about, and, consequently, you can stuff your self-righteousness up your ass.
@9 A downtown exit is a cost-overrun that I will gladly pony up to help pay for.
@11 send your check for 50 million to me and I will handle it for you.
@number 9, Yes we yokels in the 34th know about the exits, we know about the cost, we know you have a pie in the sky alternative plan that would cost even more, we know that there will be tolls, we know about the actual experience of driving from West Seattle to downtown, we know that using only I-5 will be even more gridlocking without the tunnel, we know that we will of wasted $800 million if the tunnel is not built. We're sick of the obstructionism and 10 years of eggheaded talking and delay, and we know that the stakeholders believe that the tunnel is the actual compromise plan among all those considered.
@6 and @9, thanks for your ignorant comments. Clearly neither one of you live or work in West Seattle, White Center, Burien, or even Magnolia or Ballard for that matter. So see @10 and @13 for more real-life examples of what commuting from those communities is like right now, and how much more it will epically suck without the tunnel. kthxbye.
And here I thought from reading SLOG that West Seattle residents were supposed to hate the tunnel cuz it had no "downtown" exits (as if SODO and Mercer don't provide access to Downtown)....
If The Stranger is surprised that a School Board incumbent wasn't endorsed, then The Stranger isn't paying attention.

The King County Democrats also denied their endorsement to any of the incumbents.

There are going to be very few - if any - endorsements for these incumbents because the incumbents were asleep at the wheel for the past four years. The incumbents didn't do a bad job - they did no job. They simply didn't do the job at all.