Dear Republicans:


Exactly how is the AG responsible for job creation?

That's a good question. I'll be sure to ask Dunn that the first chance I get.
As a liberal, believe me I love The Stranger. But given how you generally write about Republican politicians, I can't imagine it's a top priority for most of them to reach out to you.
The recent Republican tendency to only speak to press they perceive as on their side is a dangerous slide towards a complete lack of actual communication and the freedom of citizens to learn about the people running for office. It's un-American.
I could forward them if you want.
I'm noticing a trend as well: you seem to be something of a narcissist. "Why are people ignoring meeeeee? Don't they know how important I ammmmm?!" Get over yourself dude. You write for a crappy free newspaper that makes most of its money from escort ads.
kbb @ 6...

...sorry mr/ms's POT ADS.

(what a dumbass)
The world would be a much better place if all Democrats had given the cold shoulder to Fox News 15 years ago. Goldy is demonstrating what frustrated journalists do: jump the shark and drive themselves into irrelevancy with conspiracy theories and gossip and made up bullshit. See also: World Net Daily.
Maybe you didn't get it because he's so damn lazy, not because he has it out for you.
Take it as a compliment Goldy. McKenna and the WA GOP know you aren't going to shill for them, while trying to perpetuate some fictional pretense to objectivity, unlike say, The Times, which will no doubt gush all over McKenna like so much journalistic bukkake, while at the same time insisting they're not actually just as biased as The Stranger.
Crime levels are at an all time low. Whats he on about?
Funny how Ken Hutcherson had the guts (or crazy) to have a sit down with the Stranger staff, even though he must have known about the negative press he gets in their pages.

Maybe the GOP folks just don't have the confidence in the foundations of their platform to be able to discuss them with non-believers. Of course, many of their policies are based on their own moral absolutes (gays=evil; blacks=lazy; women=stupid), which leaves little room for discussion.
Ever hear Golden Boy speak? That is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Bob Ferguson, on the other hand, is smart, personable, and he campaigns like a MACHINE. He'll wipe the floor with Golden Boy.
Damn! His closet is bigger than my apartment!
They give press releases for journalists to, well, journalists. The Stranger is an entertainment venue, not journalism.

Try printing news not using you as the subject, exercising a modicum of objectivity and having a bare grasp of the real world and maybe you'll get the memos. Until then, you at the Stranger are what McKenna called you, hacks.

No. They're not willing to waste their time with the voters who constantly elect Baghdad Jim, think their bills ought to be paid by others because ITS NOT FAIR, think infanticide is good public policy, and generally hate their own nation.

If I were selling new Mercedes automobiles, I doubt I'd take an add out in Real Change. If I were selling rational policies for this country, I wouldn't waste time with the type of people who believe what they read in the Stranger.
By the same token SB, if you're selling a case of snake-oil you definitely DON'T want anybody around who might point out the worthlessness of your product, either...

It's not our nation we hate, just some of the imbeciles we have to share it with who think turning over every last single resource we have to the literal handful who've managed to accumulate most of it already - by hook or by crook - is good policy.