Eliot Spitzer Gets Bullish


Sometimes I think anyone who wants to get into politics should be required to do one naked YouTube masturbation video. Maybe then we'll finally be bored to death with such things, and focus on people's real talents and strengths.
Unfortunately, instead of pushing for regulatory reform Spitzer was too busy prosecuting prostitutes while spending thousands of dollars fucking one. Too bad, so much wasted potential by this hypocrite.

For the record, I don't give a shit about sex scandals, but I hate a hypocritical politician and saying you're fighting against prostitution while paying for an insanely overpriced prostitute is hypocritical on the first order.
Government regulations are the best friend of the monopolist. Why are Credit Unions fragmented and Big Banks replete in America? Because the high cost of adapting to different regulatory regimes makes it difficult for small players to compete with large, interstate banks.
Yes, because banks lobbied to have those regulations put in place. The problem is not regulation per se but the subversion of regulation.