Is Kucinich Running in WA? And If So, Can He Win?


I don't vote for carpet baggers.
Well, we're not exactly short on locals who give a good speech but are happier being right than effectively passing legislation. But who's to say we haven't room for another?
If McDermott decided to retire, I wouldn't mind having Kucinich come in a run to replace him, and he'd probably have a great shot at winning. But not Inslee's seat. He'd get creamed.
He can't even be honest about his intentions.
@3 - The longest line in Washington is all the politicos, activists, former athletes, and wealthy businesspeople waiting for McDermott to retire(more likely carried out of Congress feet first in 10 or more years). Kucinich would be #112 behind Jean Godden.
Id vote for his wife.
@2 FTW
I'd vote for Kucinich in a second if I lived in that district, especially if he gets to keep his seniority for committee appointments, etc. Out of all of the potential candidates, who is in a better position to hit the ground running in D.C. than he is? And who has more to prove? If he doesn't serve the interests of the district, he'll be out on his ass after one term. Most of the other candidates would probably get a pass on the grounds that they need more time to get up to speed.

Why would he declare his intentions when he probably hasn't figured them out yet?

I'm from Ohio. One thing I can say is never count out Kucinich. He's like Jerry Brown. He might have a little moonbeam in him, but he knows how to win a campaign.
Did he talk much about the big slobbery blowjobs he was just over in Syria giving to the mass murderer Assad? No? Didn't anybody even ask him?

Kucinich is a joke. He's as pathetic as Palin in his way. Stop paying attention to him.
The problem with Kucinich is not so much that he is a liberal, but that he is rather nuts. Its the same problem Ron Paul has. On most things they would be in agreement with the voting record of any strong liberal or conservative, but there are a few things where the nut comes out and that dooms them in all but the most tolerant districts.
You know, if we just discussed Peace for a few weeks, I'm sure our Alien Overlords would come to some agreement that benefits them and enslaves the rest of us ...
Odd how the "far left" Kucinich is to the right of moderate Republican Eisenhower on tax rates. Here is Ike defending his decision to keep the 91% top tax rate.

"Every dollar spent by the government must be paid for either by taxes or by more borrowing with greater debt.
The only way to make more tax cuts now is to have bigger and bigger deficits and to borrow more and more money. Either we or our children will have to bear the burden of this debt.

This is one kind of chicken that always comes home to roost. An unwise tax cutter, my fellow citizens, is no real friend of the taxpayer."