Is This the First of a New Generation of E-Books?


I saw the short film version of the story (from which the app draws much of its content) at the Seattle Film Festival, and it was a wonderfully put-together story.
For the love of god, Slog: William Joyce isn't 'a former designer for Pixar', he's one of the best children's book author/illustrators of the last thirty years. "Dinosaur Bob", "Bentley and Egg", "Santa Calls", "A Day with Wilbur Robinson"... any of these ring a bell? He made a fortune with "Roly Poly Olie", which I didn't care for, but which was made into a TV series, and which seems to have served as a training ground for the much more interesting project showcased here.

I clicked on here to see that TIM B said it already. -----> William Joyce rocks. He's an artist (and fun writer) who's been around for a while and has also done covers for the New Yorker. H
"Designers shouldn't make an e-book too much like a movie or a TV show, but they should clearly have a reason to make the e-book a digital experience."

Why? A clear, readable text has always been the standard why a book is judged. No longer? If a designer creates a book that does nothing more than read well on the "page", is that now failure?