WA Leads Nation in Republican Candidates Who Fail to Acknowledge That WA Leads Nation in New Business Creation


Another example of the Republican's divorced-from-reality propaganda and lies.
Well, as someone who has a small bit of experience there, I contest that figure. Yes, with a $35 master business license and the availability of $10 domain names, I bet a lot of businesses are "formed". However, as far as real, profit making businesses, that have independent income streams, markets and hire employees...I just don't see it.
Must be the low taxes right Goldsteinberg?
WA might be doing even better at encouraging/attracting businesses if all of our state's leading Republicans weren't always yelling "WA Sucks for Business!"
Must be those low taxes Goldsteinberg was complaining about earlier....
Just hollar back Republicans suck....they may get the message or it just might reinforce what they are thinking in the back of their minds at the subconscious level.
I'm curious Supreme...do you have anything to back up what you can't see? Forbes, a bastion of left wing thinking, consistently ranks WA in the top 5 year in and year out for places to do biz. Our elected R's, and add AWB, WPC, etc., just must not read such rags.

Right - I know lots of people willing to throw away $45 to create a phantom business just for the hell of it.

If you'd actually READ the related story, you'd see that the figures cited are based on "quarterly employment and wage information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics" and not something amorphous like the number of new business licenses issued or domain names created.