So What Comedy Should You See This Weekend?


Comedy Bang Bang is happening on ALL THREE DAYS! It's a Christmas miracle!
I have a serious question for Lindy West, Comedy Enthusiast:

What's the point in seeing any given stand-up comic more than once every couple of years?

They just don't change their sets very often. It seems to take quite a while for any comic, even a working one, to come up with enough new material to fill a 5-minute slot, let alone the 15-20 minutes that a low-end tour requires.

If you saw a comic a few months ago, why should you go see him or her again? I can see how maybe you should go out of guilt if you watched their current act on Youtube, and you should pretend to laugh like it's the first time, because even stand-up comedians have egos and you shouldn't crush them for no good reason, but why would you go see an act twice?
Tompkins? Your favorite? Seriously?